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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Knife Sharpening Services in Lincoln, NE

Whether for cutting rope, industrial work, skinning, survival, yard work, or any other activity where a sharp edge is likely to come in handy, a sharp knife can make all the difference. Sure, when you buy a knife new, it’s going to be sharp. It’s going to work well for a while, but what happens when the blade becomes dull? Quick cuts take longer, you have to use more force to make your cuts, and in some cases, you may as well be using a butter knife!

Maybe you’re thinking that you should sharpen your knife yourself. Well, if you haven’t done it before, are you sure that you want to risk it? Knife sharpening isn’t necessarily as easy as rubbing a knife on a stone. It often involves a variety of sharpening stones with different grades of coarseness, each being used at a different point in the process. All knives aren’t created equal, either. Knives aren’t constructed with one uniform type of metal, and each type of metal will require a customized approach to ensure that the blade is sharpened to its peak potential.

knife sharpening services

Sounds like a lot of trouble, right? For only $10.00, you don’t have to worry about it. Just send it to DeGuns, our knife sharpening service will handle it for you, and then ship it back.

Just come to our website and start the process. Before you know it, you’ll have a blade that is sharpened to “like new” condition, without the risk of ruining the knife!

If you’re local, then use our walk-in knife sharpening services in Lincoln, NE.

*Please note: DeGuns does NOT sharpen fully serrated blades or machetes. However, if your knife is partially serrated, we will sharpen the non-serrated portion for the regular rate. Please choose the $14 shipping option to cover the cost of shipping your knife back to you.

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