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Both 12-gauge shotguns and 20-gauge shotguns are very popular choices among hunters and sport shooters. Both types of shotgun offer many advantages to owners, but there are some notable features that can make a difference in your experience using these firearms.

A Closer Look at 12Gauge Shotguns

The 12-gauge shotgun is much more common among firearm owners. It offers flexible load size options ranging from one to one-fourth ounces. For licensed gun owners looking to hunt either waterfowl or land-based birds, the 12-gauge shotgun is likely the best choice for you.

With a wider bore diameter of .729äó, 12-gauge shotgun are noticeably larger than 20-gauge ones. This allow for increased precision targeting of game a farther distance away and also skeet as well. Its longer-range capabilities can be appealing to many gun owners.

How 20 Gauges Shotguns Compare

Compared to 12-gauge shotguns, 20-gauge shotguns can actually be lighter than 12-gauge shotguns. This can provide additional benefit to gun enthusiasts who prefer a lighter gun with less recoil. While being lighter in weight, they can still work exceptionally well for targeting game and allow hunters to be able to cover more ground throughout the day.

At the same time, with a smallerbore .615äó diameter, range is more limited in 20-gauge shotgun compared to the 12-gauge equivalents. 20-gauge rifles are also more limited in load sizing, at 2.5 inches, 2.75 inches, and 3 inches; however, this usually shows not to be a major issue for most applications. What counteracts these minor weaknesses though is a lower price tag, making it more cost-effective for those who are budget conscious or just starting out.

Some Final Thoughts About 12 Gauge and 20 Gauge Shotguns

Both gauges can prove to be effective for hunters going after small game and birds. When considering which option is better for you, you need to determine how important price, weight, accuracy, and range is to you specifically. Your everyday intentions for using a shotgun will help you realize which is more likely right for you. Currently, many knowledgeable experts in the field most often recommend the 12-gauge shotgun, but the debate is still out.

As one last note, both firearms come in various action types, including single-barrel, side-by-side double barrel, and over-and-under double barrel, so you shouldnäó»t consider this issue as an influential factor in making your final decision.

No Matter Your Shotgun Preference, DE Guns Can Provide You with Endless Options

With new inventory coming in the door every day, DEGuns is committed to offering you the largest selection of firearms available online. Whether you decide the 12-gauge or the 20-gauge shotgun will work better for your individual needs, you can shop a wide array of options at DEGuns. If you still have any questions at all regarding which shotgun may be better for you, reach out to us anytime at 402-875-6500 or fill out our convenient online contact form. We are always more than happy to help and even employ a full-time gunsmith to answer your most complicated questions!