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Weäó»ve all heard about online shopping horror stories. You know the ones, like how girls order prom dresses and wedding gowns online and the dresses show up looking completely different from how they are portrayed online. For some, a situation like this can be a nightmare, and it leaves us all second-guessing the purchases we make online. Well, when it comes to finding and buying firearms on the Internet, you can definitely find high-quality guns, accessories, and ammunition for unbeatable prices, but there can always be a bit of skepticism, especially when the deals just seem too good to be true (which they often are!).

How can you ever know that what youäó»re finding on the Internet is legit?

Here are a few bad buying habits people often have when buying firearms and accessories online, and this is how you can avoid such habits.

1. Buying From Untrustworthy Stores

We all like to believe that we are exempt from being duped on the Internet; however, unfortunately, it can happen to the best of us. There are a few different ways for how you can find guns to buy onlineäóîfor example: you can organize private gun sales on online marketplaces, like, or win firearms on online auction sites, like, or you can buy new and/or used guns directly from FFL dealers with online websites.

The easiest way to know if a FFL dealer is legit is to validate their license. You can do this on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosivesäó» website with BATFEäó»s FFL eZ Check. You can also look at customer reviews for the store and/or call the store to talk to someone who works there so you can gather more information. If youäó»re buying from an online marketplace or auction website, then checkout the websitesäó» regulations, because they more than likely provide information for how to spot scams and what precautions to take when you buy guns online.

2. Not Looking For the Best Deals

There are different kinds of online shoppers, thatäó»s for sure. Some people are gifted with being able to find the best deals for products available online, while others canäó»t seem to catch a break. Well, one thing with the Internet is for sure: you can always find the best dealsäóîyou just have to know where to look.

When youäó»re shopping online for firearms, thereäó»s generally 1 rule of thumb: if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Gun dealers and gun owners often sell guns for great prices, but if youäó»re skeptical in the slightest, then save yourself the trouble of buying a bad gun by checking out the prices of the same gun elsewhere, especially if youäó»re shopping on an online marketplace or auction, because anyone can sell on these sites.

If youäó»re buying from a FFL dealer, then check out their FFL license and see what other people have to say about them to determine if they are legit. If you are still skeptical about the price or the quality of the gun, then call the store to ask them more about the gun. Regardless, if youäó»re not completely confident in your purchase of a gun, then you shouldnäó»t buy itäóîitäó»s as simple as that.

Donäó»t Be Afraid to Shop Around

When you find great deals for firearms online and you know you want the gun, be careful not to wait too long to buy, because the deal could slip away. Gun dealers often acquire a number of firearms at a price that could change the next time the guns are purchased. Itäó»s a good idea to shop around and see what other gun dealers are selling particular firearms for just to see if the deal you find is really a good deal. A good place to check for firearm prices is, in addition to simply checking out other sites.

3. Not Researching

This is something people say when you go to the doctor or really for any situation youäó»re ever in, but you have to be your own advocate, because other people arenäó»t always going to look out for you the way you can look out for yourself. If youäó»re buying firearms online, then you should definitely be aware of gun laws applicable to your state and local region, in addition to federal gun laws. Furthermore, read up on the type of gun you want to buy to know that it is the right gun for your intended purposes. A lot of times you can find better deals for guns on the Internet compared to what you find in brick and mortar stores (because you can look at a number of different stores), but that doesnäó»t mean you canäó»t try the same gun, or a similar gun, out at a nearby gun dealer (if they have it). Make sure the gun you buy online is the gun you want!

Buying Guns Online is Like Buying Anything Online

Buying guns on the Internet can be as easy as ordering a pizza from Papa Johnäó»s or purchasing clothing from any online retail store. Unfortunately, when you buy anything online, you donäó»t always know what youäó»re going to get. Therefore, you have to look out for yourself. The most important thing you can do to ensure you receive the high-quality firearm you are expecting is to do your homework: on the gun, on the store, and all across the Internet. Know that the gun you are buying is the gun you want and do all you can to ensure the store you are buying from is the real deal. Also, it can never hurt to check out prices and selections on other gun dealer websites, or even online marketplaces and auctions.

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