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3 Facts You Should Know About Benelli M2 ShotgunsLike any other type of gun, there are multiple styles of shotguns. More often than not, shotguns are used for hunting, and the type of animals shotguns are designed to shoot varies depending on the style of gun. Beyond hunting, shotguns are used by law enforcement and military. They are also used for home defense purposes.

Benelli M2 shotguns are unique because they function on inertia-driven systems instead of gas-operated systems. This makes Benelli M2 shotguns, and other guns that operate on inertia-driven systems, more lightweight and cleaner than guns that have gas-operated systems.

1. How Inertia-Driven Systems Work

The inertia-driven system is comprised of 3 main parts: bolt body, inertia spring, and rotating bolt head. The spring is unfixed between the locking head and bolt carrier, so when a Benelli M2 is fired: the gun recoils, the bolt moves approximately 4 millimeters forward and compresses the spring, the spring overcomes the breech bolt inertia, and the bolt is sent to the rear of the gun. The kinetic energy created by the recoil of the gun is used to eject the spent shotshell and load a new one from the magazine tube.

2. Benelli M2 Shotguns are Lightweight

Guns with inertia-driven systems do not need all of the equipment that gas-operated guns have; therefore, Benelli M2 shotguns are lightweight. They donäó»t have heavy gas components and are simple in design. Shotguns with inertia-driven systems are typically thinner, less bulky, and lighter than shotguns with gas-operated systems.

Buyers of Benelli M2 shotguns should be weary of adding too much extra weight to the guns in the form of optics, sidesaddles, extended magazine tubes, etc. Too much weight added to inertia-driven guns can affect recoil, which impacts the amount of energy transferred to inertia springs.

3. Cleaner Than Gas-Operated Shotguns

Benelli M2 shotguns are easy to disassemble and clean, but because of their inertia-driven systems, frequent cleaning isnäó»t necessary. Guns with inertia-driven systems are cleaner than gas-operated guns because gas and crud arenäó»t given the chance to build upäóîitäó»s all blown out of the gun barrel. Plus, there arenäó»t any gas ports or pistons that can clog or collect gunk.

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If you want a shotgun that is made to shoot anything that flies, then the Benelli M2 shotgun is probably for you. Learn more about Benelli M2 shotguns and view DE Gunäó»s wide selection of inertia-driven shotguns by visiting our website today. DE Guns supplies Benelli M2 shotguns in 12 and 20 gauge. Customers can choose from barrel lengths of 21, 24, 26, and 28 inches, and DE Guns provides left hand configurations and compact configurations as well.

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