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The AR-15 is a standby for firearm-operators for many reasons. Itäó»s a strong performer in shooting competitions, home defense situations, and on the hunting range. You know you can depend on the AR-15 it to perform well in rain, snow, hot sun and dusty conditions you may encounter out on the hunting range because the US military has trusted this rifle for years. This reliability is one of the many reasons the AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles on the market. Another reason is that the AR-15 can be modified almost endlessly with new parts and accessories. As the leading supplier of firearms online, DEGuns is uniquely qualified to help you find parts and accessories that will help your AR-15 perform the way that suits you best.

1. Adaptable Stock for Flexible Use: CAA CBS 6-Position Adjustable AR-15 Stock

Check out this six-position collapsible stock , which makes an excellent choice for AR-15 operators who need a little bit of flexibility and mobility out of their firearm. The skeletonized design keeps this stock lightweight while the Picatinny rail lets you mount all your favorite sights, scopes and more. It has a compartment for storing batteries and other small items, making it an excellent choice for hunting trips.

2. CAA Polymer AR-15 .223/5.56 NATO 30 Round Magazine

You canäó»t skip the basics. Make sure you have a top-quality magazine (not to mention all the backups you need) by grabbing this 30-round magazine available from DEGuns . This is a non-tilt, super quiet magazine that sports a non-tilt follower for better performance. Magazines are one of those items that are small and have a bad habit of sliding out of backpacks and gear bags. Grabbing a few extras is always smart.

3. Keep Your AR-15 Shooting its Best: APD AR-Comp- AR-15 Rifle Powder

How can you guarantee your AR-15 wonäó»t let you down when you need it most? It is extremely important to make sure all details are attended to, and few details are more important than using the right rifle powder. Thatäó»s why DEGuns offers this 1-pound bottle of APD AR-Comp- AR-15 Rifle Powder . Using the right rifle powder will make sure you keep getting the high firepower and the consistent performance that made the AR-15 the standard bearer it is today.

How to Learn More About Getting Top-Quality AR-15 Parts and Accessories

The AR-15 suits so many people because it is one of the most adaptable yet powerful firearms available on the market. DEGuns has supplied many people with AR-15s as well as stocks, magazines, parts, scopes, sites and accessories that turn the firearm into highly customizable and personalized firearm. We love talking shop, so whether you are a first-time AR-15 owner an old hand at shooting sports, we want to help you find exactly what you want and need. Get in touch with us by calling 402-875-6500 or use our online contact form to ask questions and get to know DEGuns a little bit better.