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4 Accessories For Semi-Automatic Tactical RiflesSemi-automatic tactical rifles are an excellent choice when you are looking for a reliable firearm for personal defense or hunting. Every shooter is different. One of the best ways to design the ideal shooting experience for your needs is through accessories. As the leading online dealer of firearms and accessories, DEGuns is prepared to help you customize your semi-automatic tactical rifle shooting experience to suit your needs.

1. Trigger Guard for Better Handling and Security 

The Trinity Force AR trigger guard has screw-in installation which allows for easy use and detachment. The outsized profile allows the user for easy trigger manipulation when you are wearing shooting gloves or firing the firearm in cold weather.

2. Superior Semi-Auto Rifle Handling with Stock Accessory

The Alpha Stock by Trinity Force is a powerful, versatile accessory to add to a firearm. This stock will work with just about any AR model. This stock features a low profile adjustment latch, a double injected cheek rest made out of rubber, and a sleek sided profile. The butt-pad profile is angled to accommodate plate carriers, while the rough texture makes sure you get minimal movement when manipulating the rifle under duress. This makes it an excellent piece for someone who wants to use the semi-automatic rifle for home defense.

3. Trinity Force Universal Rail Covers

The beauty of these Universal Rail Covers from Trinity Force is that they are designed to work with both KeyMOD and M-LOK handguards, not to mention a variety of other negative space modular rail systems. These rail covers five you better control over your firearm, not to mention comfortable handling, thus creating a better shooting experience, particularly in harsh weather conditions, making them a great choice for hunters. These are made out of durable, heat resistant, chemical resistant rubbers.

Trinity Force is one of the most respected names in the community of firearm owners and shooters because they offer affordable gear and accessories. They have a great record of cutting edge, innovative optics and accessories with high performance. They set high industry standards which has made them a top choice for both professionals and casual or civilian shooters.

4. Bi-Pod Adapters for Better Mounting and Control

Bi-pods are an excellent way to enhance your performance. This is particularly true if you are hunting, which can often involve waiting in a blind or shelter for long periods of time. This bi-pod adaptor is a great way to prepare your semi-automatic rifle for bi-pod mounting.

Learn More About Semi-Automatic Rifle Accessories with Expert Guidance

If you’re interested in learning about the top accessories for your semi-automatic rifle, DEGuns would be happy to offer expert guidance. Let us know what you want to use your semi-automatic rifle for, whether that is plinking, shooting sports, hunting, or home defense, and we will do our best to help you find the perfect accessory. Our in-house firearms experts love to talk about gear, so we can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us online, or call 402-875-6500.