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When you are operating your firearm, you can keep yourself safe by using proper protective eye and ear equipment. This can prevent damage to your eardrums and vision. If you are at the range often to practice for competitions, or train for the military or law enforcement, or if you are an avid hunter, you know just how important secure, sturdy and reliable eye and ear protection really is.

With proper eye and ear protection, you can make sure:

  • You reduce the risk of injury
  • You are able to shoot more accurately
  • You are able to train and practice for longer

If you work with firearms, you know that eye and ear protection is not something to skip. These are essential pieces of equipment for:

  1. Hunting guides
  2. Police and military teams
  3. Firearms instructors
  4. äó_anyone who is on or around ranges for extended periods of time

Letäó»s explore some of the best options for eye and ear protection when you are shooting.

  1. Smith & Wesson M&P Shooting Glasses Black Frame & Smoke AF Lenses: Simple, Secure Eye Protection for Shooters
  2. This new line of Smith & Wesson M&P shooting glasses are perfect for a number of use cases. They are ideal for the harsh environments and disorienting situations associated with police work, first responders, and public safety professionals of all kinds. Military and SWAT teams can work with these safety glasses, which are perfect for hunting too.

  3. Altus Brands BenchMaster Rifleman PSX Earmuffs: Reliable Ear Protection for Firearm Operators
  4. The sleek design of the Bench Master Rifleman series ear protection makes them perfect for target practice at the range. These earmuffs feature an adjustable headband made out of sturdy steel that will fit most people. The generous ear cushions are designed for comfort. These are a comfortable 5.8 ounces.

  5. Peltor SecureFit 400 Safety Eye Protection: A True Game Changer
  6. These eyeglasses feature pressure diffusion technology from 3M, a scientific advancement designed to increase the comfort and fit of the glasses by spreading out the pressure over the ear. You should feel the difference the second you put these low profile, highly flexible glasses which work extremely well with just about any time of ear protection you prefer to wear.

  7. Walker’s Disposable Foam Ear Plugs: Easy, Inexpensive and Extremely Protective for Your Ears

These simple earplugs are a great investment for firearm operators of all kinds. They add an extra level of safety, which is so important when you are looking for ways to hang onto your hearing.

How to Find More Ear and Eye Protection with Guidance from Experts

If you are looking for secure, sturdy, reliable ear and eye protection that will help you keep your vision and hearing no matter how much shooting you do, DEGuns, the largest supplier of all things related to firearms, is here to help you out. Our in-house firearm experts love to talk shop, and we would be happy to hear from you if you call us at 402-875-6500 or contact us online.