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Comfort is everything when it comes to finding the right concealed carry holster. DE Guns has helped gun owners of all shapes and sizes find a concealed carry holster that is durable, strong and safe. You need to be able to sit, stand and walk, climb stairs (and possibly run) all while trusting your holster to keep your gun close and secure. We will walk you through some important details about concealed carry holster, followed by some of our favorite options.

It Takes Time

Just because your concealed carry weapon doesnäó»t feel right at first doesnäó»t mean it never will. The truth is, even though many pistols meant for concealed carry are machined to have as few sharp edges as possible, the reality is something is likely to be poking somewhere. We say this because we want to save you from a rush of buyeräó»s remorse when you strap on your holster and load a pistol in only to discover some discomfort. Now, this needs to be balanced with an understanding that like dress shoes, true pain can be a sign of a problem, a bad fit, and even cause unnecessary injury.

Avoid Spending too Much or too Little

Cheap holsters can shred and tear, resulting in a pistol dropping on the table or ground at a time that, regardless of your views on concealed carry, would simply be inappropriate. Not only that, you could damage your expensive firearm, and risk injury to yourself and others. However, that doesnäó»t mean you should spring for an enormous blowout on pure Corinthian hand-tooled leather complete with pearl inlays either. Given that this is a concealed item, focus on pure functionality.

Consider your Wardrobe

Wardrobe is a major factor when considering concealed carry options, as is body type. This will have a big impact on what you decide to carry, and where you decide to carry it. Pants that can accommodate an internal holster are important. This often works well with a buttondown workshirt or fishing shirt. But is this dress appropriate for your needs? Will you need to be in a suit? A dress? Concealed carry is more flexible than you think, you just have to be ready for some extra planning and preparation.

Choose the Right Gun

You donäó»t want to concealed carry a Desert Eagle. This is the time to get practical and realistic about choice of firearm. Choose a caliber that you can manage. Remember that the weight of a gun might seem manageable if you are used to taking it to the range, but itäó»s a completely different equation once itäó»s time to strap that weight on your body and carry it constantly. Donäó»t sacrifice everything for comfort. You still need to balance accuracy and power with comfort and practicality.

When buying a concealed carry holster, you should consider:

1. Retention
Is the gun going to stay firmly in place if you need to stand up suddenly? Jump up and down? Get jostled by strangers on a bus or train?
2. Ride Height and Cant Adjustment
You are going to want to be able to find the perfect height and cant, or angle at which your pistol will sit in its holster. This is a matter of security as well as comfort.
3. Molded
If youäó»re using an alleged äóìone size fits alläó holster you should expect to be disappointed. Donäó»t risk damage to your firearm and injury to yourself and others with a poorly fitted holster. Choose the right one for your firearm.
4. Draw
The holster can be a perfect fit on paper, but how does it feel to draw it? What happens to your clothing when you do? Does the motion cause you to snag any watches, belts, loops, necklaces, keychains or jewelry? If so, itäó»s time to make adjustments to your clothes, gun or holster.

Here are some holsters we love available from DE Guns:

1. Blackhawk! Serpa CQC Concealment Holster Right Hand Matte Black

This holster features the patented SERPA Auto Lock release by Blackhawk, SERPA CQC concealment holster to allow for a smooth draw, easy re-holster and unmatched weapon security all delivered in a sleek, perfect for concealed carry package. The cut of the holster is designed for rapid draws and target acquisition. This fits shoulder, S.T.R.I.K.E., quick disconnect, and tactical holster platforms. The SERPA CQC holster has belt loop and paddle platforms, and a black matte finish.
2. A similar design is also available fitting most government pistols. See the Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealed Carry Holster Right hand for most government pistols.
3. Uncle Mikes 5 Black In Pant Holster
Uncle Mikeäó»s 5 Black In Pant Holster is a special one. This extremely thin 4-layer laminate is no thicker than typical suede leather holster. The internal moisture barrier will keep perspiration away from the gun, and the nylon lining is smooth enough to make for an easy draw.
4. Blackhawk! Serpa CQC Concealment Holster Right Hand Matte Black Holster fits Taurus Judge
Made with Blackhawk’s patented SERPA Auto Lock release, the SERPA CQC Concealment Holster draws smooth, re-holsters with ease, and provides weapon security youäó»d be hard pressed to match. This sleek package is perfect for concealed carry work. The speed-cut design lets the operator rapid-draw for fast target acquisition and re-holstering.

This holster fits:

  • Shoulder,
  • S.T.R.I.K.E.
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Tactical Holster Platforms.

Includes Belt Loop Platform and Paddle Platform. Black matte finish.

Contact DE Guns to Find the Perfect Concealed Carry Holster

The main takeaway that we want for you is that choosing a concealed carry holster and weapon is something you should plan on putting a significant amount of time and research into doing. Reading articles and reviews is a great way to make sure you donäó»t wind up with something that will make you miserable, fall apart, or bulge against your clothing announcing äóìI am carrying a loaded gun!äó to the entire world. Here at DE Guns, we have outfitted truly innumerable customers with firearms, accessories, holsters, scopes, ammunition and anything related to gun needs. We are confident that we can do the same for you at a fair and competitive price.