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Part of the reason the AR-15 has become such a staple in the world of firearms from civilians to the military is because it can be customized to a tremendous degree through a incredible selection of parts and accessories. That means that whether you are a choosy, experienced firearms operator or a brand new shooter will be able to tinker with the AR-15 until performs exactly the way that works best for you. Letäó»s take a look at a selection of must-have parts and accessories from DEGuns, the best online supplier of firearm goods of all kinds, from rifles to shotguns, handguns, pistols, and more. You can find ammo, parts, accessories and everything you need for a great outdoor trip to the hunting range, a shooting competition, or keeping critters away from your chicken coup.

1. Barrel Replacement: Hammer Forged 5.56 NATO AR-15 Carbine Length Barrel

Barrels wear down and become less accurate, and less safe the more rounds they fire. If you have a replacement barrel for your AR-15, you can be more confident that your firearm will perform at its best. This replacement barrel has been particle tested to make sure it has no microstresses or flaws.

2. Keep your AR-15 Clean: Outers Deluxe 25-Piece Gun Cleaning Kit with 51-Piece Screwdriver Set

This 25-piece AR-15 cleanin g kit is a must-have for people who are serious about taking good care of their rifles. This is truly a universal gun cleaning kit, meaning you can take care of the other firearms in your collection as well, making this a true utility tool. This kit comes with a 51-piece screwdriver, making it perfect for gunsmithing and scope-mounting tasks as well.

3. Control Your Environment with this Series of AR-15 Grips

The right grip can make all the difference when youäó»re trying to create the perfect AR-15 shooting experience for yourself. This N CStar VISM Vertical Grip with Built-In LED Flashlight and Red Laser gives you greater situational control. You get greater visibility thanks to the flashlight, combined with the rapid target acquisition from the laser sight.

4. Ergonomical Control with this MagPul AFG2 Angled Fore Grip

This rifle grip considers ergonomics and concerns such as ergonomics, this AFG offers a forward grip/index point that takes the edge off shooter fatigue and improves weapon point control. The slim design of this gun is perfect for working with rail systems, rail covers, and accessory mounts.

How to Learn More About Customizing and Maintaining you AR-15

Customizing your AR-15 can be a great way to make the firearm more personal, and improve its performance for yourself. If you have any questions about which customizations would work best for your specific needs, feel free to hop on the phone with our in-house firearms experts. Thereäó»s nothing more fun than talking shop and gear, and we canäó»t wait to hear from you. Give us a call at 402-875-6500 or contact us online, where you can view an enormous selection of AR-15s, parts, accessories, ammunition and more.