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Springfield Armory as a reputation for excellence that goes back to its founding. Firearms from Springfield Armory are an American tradition, known for world-class quality of product, precision manufacturing, and legendary firepower. Springfield Armory pistols are great additions to anybody’s collection. Some model are perfect concealed carry, others are ideal for shooting sports competitions, but all of them are so much fun to shoot that you can grab them for a day of plinking or target practice. Let’s take a look at some popular Springfield Armory Pistols for sale.

  1. Springfield Armory – Single Stack .45ACP Pistol: Compact Firepower

This is the latest generation of Springfield Armory’s famously narrow and elegant slim, single-stack frame .45 pistols. This pistol offers upgrades from the inside out, holding 6-rounds of .45 ACP. The XD-S Mod.2 features a higher hand position, tactical rear rack site, and advanced polymer-framed “point-and-shoot” ergonomics.

The pistol also features a…

  • loaded chamber indicator
  • grip safety that can have the gun ready for action in a second, but also guarantees it won’t fire if dropped.


  1. Springfield 1911 Trp Service 45acp Black Armory Kote: Superior Pistol Design

Let’s look at some specs on this Springfield Pistol. It’s a .45ACP recoil system with a full length guide rod, low profile combat sites, and dot tritium. It weighs 42 ounces with a height of 5.7”. It’s a forged Carbon Steel Black Armory Kote finish.

  1. Springfield Armory XD(M) 9mm 4.5: World Class Performance

The XDM pistol by Springfield Armory provides a top-quality ergonomic experience with interchangeable back straps. The XDM can be customized to fit your hand for a truly effortless and natural aiming and pointing experience. Hobbyists and professionals alike love to fire this gun. This is a suppressor capable pistol that embodies all things a pistol should be.

  1. Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 9mm 3″ Pistol: Strength Meet Beauty

The EMP 1911 style handgun was created with an action that is ½” shorter than the typical 1911 action. This decreased grip radius makes the EMP a fun firearm to shoot. Merged with a low-profile, 3-dot tritium combat sights and a match grade fully-supported and ramped barrel, while the chambered in the popular 9mm round, this powerful pistol packs a mean punch.

How to Learn More About Springfield Armory Pistols with Guidance from the Leading Online Gun Dealer

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