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The M&P Shield 9mm is one of the most sought after handguns on the market today. It is high on the list of guns with features well designed for concealed carry. Not only that, is is frequently out of stock, which makes it more attractive for some people. Gun reviewers rave about the excellent handling, reliability and accuracy of the M&P Shield. DE Guns can help you get your hands on this firearm, as well as ammunition and accessories for concealed carry like holsters.

  1. Constructed for Concealed Carry

The M&P Shield very well constructed for concealed carry. It includes many features consistent with market demands. The gun is slim, hence making it an ideal choice for being kept against the body. S&W made the gun an extremely slight .95 inches in width, and it weighs about as much as a morning cup of coffee. This is thicker than some of its .90 inch competitors like the Kahr CM9 and Ruger LC9, but it is still a comfortable grip and tends to be a slim fit under clothing.

The safety is extremely well designed. It is set into the frame, meaning that is extremely unlikely for the safety to switch on or off unless you deliberately intend it to do so. However, it is still simple enough to switch on with a shooting hand for most people (more specifically, if you are right handed). The gun can be fired with its magazine removed, which is incredibly important to know for personal safety reasons, hence the printed warning on the gun itself.

2. Firepower Capacity and Ammunition

The standard magazine gives the Shield 8 rounds of 9mm, but the extended magazine means you get an additional round for 9 shots. The standard tends to be more concealable. This tends to be a great compromise on capacity versus size.

3. Sights and Aiming

The M&P Shield 9mm front and rear sights are mounted in dovetail fashion for ease of adjustment of windage. The elevation on the test gun is spot on, and the rear surface is even grooved to reduce glare around the sighting dots, a detail designed to improve accuracy. The trigger delivers a crisp, smooth shooting experience. For those who are familiar with how numbers on a page translate to trigger feel, it has a Œ_ inch take up prior to a 6.5 pound break. Expect a Œ_ inch forward travel before a positive click indicating reset to those who like to keep their trigger finger in place until reset. The powerful grip texture feels good against the hand gives you a secure hold on your firearm. It doesnäó»t matter if your hands are sweating from the adrenaline of competition or self defense, this grip will be there for you. This is especially important when you are looking for a gun specifically for concealed carry.

4. The Affordable Price

Considering the balance of the lightweight carrying experience and strong firepower, this gun makes an excellent choice for its price range, especially when you shop through DE Guns. This all-business firearm will fit smoothly into your collection, or concealed carry style.

5. A Gun for Men, Women and Children

Firearm control is an important part of operating any gun. It wonäó»t take you long to find reviews from women, and people training and teaching younger shooters. The slim frame and lighter weight tends to fit a little bit more comfortably in their hands, but that doesnäó»t come at the expense of firepower that will be taken seriously in a self defense situation. Education is everything when it comes to safe gun operation. Defending your loved ones is one of the most important things in the world, but teaching them to defend themselves brings a new level of security.

Some specifications on the Shield 9mm

See more at the full product page for the Shield 9mm.

äó¢ Ported Barrel & Slide

äó¢ Enhanced Trigger

äó¢ HI-VIZŒ¬ Fiber Optic Sights

äó¢ Ships with 2 Magazines, 1 Finger Groove and 1 Flat Butt Plate




Performance Center Ported M&P9 Shield



Magazines Included:

1-7 Round, 1-8 Round


Striker Fire

Barrel Length:


Front Sight:

HI-VIZ Fiber Optic Green

Rear Sight:

HI-VIZ Fiber Optic Red




18.2 ounces

Overall Length:


Overall Width:


Overall Height:


Frame Material:


Barrel Finish:

Black 68 HRc

Slide Material:

Stainless Steel



Sight Radius:


A Word on Concealed Carry Holsters

If you are looking at the Shield, chances are you will need a good sturdy holster that will keep the gun nice and snug while at rest, and ready for action at a momentäó»s notice. Here at DE Guns, we offer a number of holster that will do the trick, but hereäó»s one we love:

Blackhawk! Standard A.R.C. IWB Ambidextrous Holster – Fits S&W Shield Pistols

The A.R.C. (Appendix Reversible Carry) IWB holster is built to be as adaptable as it is comfortable. Suitable to ambidextrous carry, and featuring two belt clips and adjustable retention detent, this holster is a necessity for any Shield 9mm owner.

Features as per the product page:

  • Soft yet durable injection molded polymer material for comfort

  • Fully ambidextrous design allows for left and right hand use

  • Includes two cant and ride height adjustment belt clips for 1.5äó to 1.75äó belts

  • Passive retention detent with adjustment screw

  • Allows for use of rear mounted red dots

  • Made In USA

  • Fit: Smith and Wesson 9mm/.40 S&W Shield Pistols

Contact DE Guns to Learn More About the M&P Shield

DE Guns can answer all of your questions about details on the M&P Shield, and some of the best ways to concealed carry this gun. We are confident that you will love the combination of portability and firepower that has attracted so many other gun owners to this pistol. Contact DE Guns by calling 402-875-6525 or visiting our website to see pictures and prices. We look forward to working with you.