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Online, there are a lot of places for where you can purchase pump action shotguns. Take a good look at online marketplaces, auction sites, and gun dealersäó» websites. It might be a challenge to determine which shotgun is the right one for you; however, if you spend a little time figuring out what you want and how much youäó»re willing to spend, then youäó»re guaranteed to find it on the Internet.

Get a Good Idea of What You Want

When buying firearms online, you must know what to look for. If you donäó»t know what to look for, then talk to somebody who does. Tell the person what kind of gun you think you want and for what shooting purpose. Then ask them questions about price, ammunition, maintenance, etc. to determine which gun is right for you. If it is your first time buying a shotgun, then buying one with a lot of bells and whistles probably isnäó»t the best decision. First gun buyers should purchase firearms that are comfortable to use because consistent practice shooting is encouraged.

There Are Many Options To Choose From

Like any other type of gun, there are multiple styles of shotguns. More often than not, shotguns are used for hunting, and the type of animals shotguns are designed to shoot varies depending on the style of gun. Beyond hunting, shotguns are used by law enforcement and military. They are also used for home defense purposes.

Which is Better: 12-Gauge or 20-Gauge Shotguns?

Compared to 20-gauge shotguns, 12-gauge shotguns are bigger and heavier. The bore diameter of 12-gauge shotguns is .729 inches. Because 12-gauge shotguns are heavier than 20-gauge shotguns, this is why they produce larger recoil, especially when shooting bigger shells. The standard shot load for a 12-gauge shotgun is 1-1/8 ounces, but a heavier load size of 1-1/4 ounces is more effective for shooting longer ranges and at more difficult targets.

20-gauge shotguns deliver approximately 60 to 75% less power than 12-gauge shotguns and 50 to 60% of the 12-gauge recoil. Less recoil on a gun typically makes it easier to shoot and increases shooter confidence, which makes it more likely for the shooter to hit the target he or she is shooting at. The bore diameter of 20-gauge shotguns is .615 inches and the standard shot is 7/8 ounces. Load sizes ranging between 1 ounce and 1-1/4 ounce are best for shooting longer ranges, but the range of the 20-gauge shotgun is shorter than the range of the 12-gauge.

12-gauge shotguns are generally preferred over the 20-gauge shotgun, because there are more ammunition options available for it and it has more power. However, the argument against the 12-gauge shotgun is the gun has too much recoil and is therefore not the easiest to operate by everyone.

All in all, 20-gauge shotguns are more compact than 12-gauge shotguns, but they are similar in price and range. Plus, more rounds can usually fit in a 20-gauge compared to a similarly sized 12-gauge.

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