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Founded by experienced gunsmiths, machinists, and firearms instructors, Apex Specialties concentrates on upgrades and augmentations for the most popular and reliable handguns on the market. Originally known for their work on Smith & Wesson competition revolvers, Apex specialties has evolved into a powerhouse of improvement for modern service pistols such as 1911äó»s, Sig Sauer handguns, Glock handguns, and more.
Whether for law enforcement or competition shooters, the parts built by the guys at Apex Specialties blend over 50 years of combined gunsmithing, machining, engineering, and shooting experience to bring customers one-of-a-kind improvements to already popular and reliable handgun platforms. Products include:
  • Failure Resistant Extractors – Designed to improve reliability in extraction and feeding.
  • Spring Replacements and Kits äóñ Get your preferred trigger weight for competition shooting.
  • Firing Pins – Designed to reduce äóìlight hitsäó with handloaded ammunition popular in competition shooting.
  • Enhancement Trigger Kits äóñ Get smooth, consistent trigger weight, shorter over-travel, and a more defined trigger reset.
  • Armoreräó»s Blocks äóñ Designed to hold the handgun in place in a variety of positions to enable gunsmith work and detailed disassembly.
Aside from creating excellent augmentation products, Apex Specialties aftermarket gun parts are also reasonably priced, so thereäó»s really no reason not to upgrade your 1911, Glock, S&W, revolver, or Sig pistol.