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To find the perfect AR-10, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search. Unlike AR-15s, which are standardized weapons, AR-10 parts manufactured by different companies are not typically interchangeable, and if you are buying a finished weapon, then there are many manufacturers to choose from. You can spend between $1,000 and $4,000 on a brand new AR-10 Rifle, or you can build your own weapon from scratch. But, whatever you decide to do, it comes down to this with AR-10 Rifles: you get what you pay for.

Discount Enterprises is currently offering a few different AR-10 Rifle options, including: Smith & Wesson M&P 10, DPMS LR .308 Oracle AR-10, Christensen Arms CA-10 DMR, Daniel Defense DD5V1, and ArmaLite A10SBF AR-10A SuperSASS. Additionally, our store carries AR-10 lowers, Buffer Springs, AR-10 magazines, MagPul magazines, Stripper Uppers, AR-10 Bolt Carrier Groups, and other AR-10 parts.

What To Know About AR-10s

AR-10s are very similar to AR-15s, except AR-10s are bigger than AR-15s and AR-10s were created first. ArmaLite manufactured the first AR-10 and technically the AR-10 name is only used for rifles manufactured by ArmaLite; however, AR-10 is synonymous with any AR-style rifle that has full-size rifle cartridge chambering capability.

The AR-10 Rifle is chambered for .308 or NATO 7.62, while the AR-15 has many caliber options, including: 243 Win, 260 Rem, 7-mm-08, 284 Win, 35 Rem, 300 Savage, 257 Roberts, 358 Win, 300 SAUM, 325 WSM, 6.5 Creedmore, and more.

AR-15 rifles are used by the United States government, which means the weapons are standardized. So, you could buy AR-15 parts from any manufacturer and the parts would be nearly identical. However, this is not the case with AR-10 rifles. You can spend a lot of money on high-quality AR-10s, like from manufacturers LaRue or Noveske, or you could start with an entry-level AR-10, like from DPMS. The amount of money you spend on an AR-10 or AR-10 parts will impact the accuracy and reliability of the firearm, more so than the AR-15.

DPMS LR .308 Oracle AR-10 RFLROCK .308 Win 7.62 x 51

This is one of DPMSäó» most popular rifles. It is a great option for entry-level shooters, because itäó»s inexpensive with an MSRP of $1,099. This firearm is similar to its 5.56 mm little brotheräóîit is compact in size and has rugged military carbine features.

Weight: 8.3 pounds

Length: 32.5-inches / 36.5-inches

Barrel: 16-inch HBAR 4140

Upper Receiver: Extruded 7029 T6 A3 flat top

1×10 Twist

Smith & Wesson M&P 10 .308 7.62 x 51 AR-10

The Smith & Wesson M&P 10 is the big brother of the M&P 15. The firearm has an 18-inch barrel and the barrel is pretty thick, even though it looks like it might be thin. This firearm is as light as AR-10 Rifles come, weighing in at just 7.7 pounds. Use this weapon for hunting, general purpose, competition, or as a battle rifle. You can purchase this weapon in black or camouflage. All of the controls are ambidextrous and the reliability and accuracy of this weapon are stellar. The MSRP of the Smith & Wesson M&P 10 is $1600, but you can find this weapon for much less on

Daniel Defense DD5V1 AR-10 .308 Win 7.62 NATO 16-Inch Rifle

Daniel Defense put a lot of focus towards making their AR-10 Rifle one of the best and this firearm features plenty of unique gadgets that no other AR-10 Rifle hasäóîfor example: there is a proprietary finish on the bolt and Daniel Defense spent 2 years researching the weaknesses of other AR-10 bolts so they could cover all of the weakness with the bolts in their AR-10s. This gun has a 16-inch barrel, mid-length gas system, built-in flange that bolts into the receiver, and an SSA geissele trigger. This gun sells for approximately $2,800.

ArmaLite A10SBF AR-10A SuperSASS Rifle Semi-Automatic .308

Back to the very beginning: if youäó»re looking for an amazing AR-10, then why not buy from the manufacturer who made this firearm a phenomenon? The AR-10 by ArmaLite is constructed from aluminum, which makes it extremely lightweight. The patented bolt assembly is stronger than those found in similar firearms and the firearm features the ArmaLite Floating Rail System with Rail Covers. This gun can be purchased for about $3,099.

Christensen Arms CA-10 DMR 6.5 Creedmoor 20-Inch AR-10 Style Rifle

Go big or go home. If youäó»re looking to drop a good chunk of change (~$4,000) on one of the best AR-10 Rifles out there, then look no further than Christenson Armsäó» CA-10 DMR AR-10 Style Rifle. This firearm features a carbon fiber free floating rail system and the gun resists rust and corrosion over time. Weighing in at just over 7 pounds, this lightweight rifle weighs the same as a fully loaded AR-15. Check out this rifle on

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