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Whether you are a first-time buyer of an AR-15 or youäó»re familiar with the buying process, there are 5 things you need to know before you buy an AR-15äóîfor example: how much money do you want to spend, or rather how much money can you spend? Itäó»s easy enough to spend less money than you expect to on a firearm, but there arenäó»t too many people who can spend more money than they budget for. Additionally, you should know how you want to use the AR-15 you buy before you buy it.

Here are the 5 things you need to know before you buy an AR-15:

Your Budget

The AR-15 platform is extremely versatile. There are many AR-15 manufacturers out there and you can easily acquire an AR-15 that is unlike any other AR-15 in the world. There are also many ways for how you can acquire AR-15säóîfor example: you can purchase a fully built AR-15 or you can build your own AR-15 from scratch. Regardless, before you buy anything, you should have a good idea of how much money you want to put out.

When it comes to AR-15s, there are 4 budget tiers:

Œ‡ $700 or less

Œ‡ $700 to $1,200

Œ‡ $1,200 to 2,000

Œ‡ 2,000 to 3,000+

If you are a first-time AR-15 owner, then you can get your hands on a good basic AR-15 rifle by spending anything between $700 and $1,200. This budget range is considered mid-tier and AR-15s in this range are typically Mil-Spec. The more money you spend on an AR-15, the better you can expect the rifle to be. Beyond budget, what it comes down to when looking to buy the best AR-15 rifle for you is how you plan on using the firearm.

Your Intended Purpose

AR-15s are popular rifles because there is not a lot you canäó»t do with them. There are a lot of parts and accessories you can add to AR-15s to make them be exactly what you need. Therefore, before you buy an AR-15, you should consider why you want one. What are you going to use it foräóîhunting, target practice, home defense, or competition?

How you use your rifle will affect the price of the rifle and how you set the rifle up. Furthermore, some uses cost more than others.

Œ‡ HuntingäóîAR-15s are used to hunt a wide variety of animals, including: varmint, small game, and large game, like deer.

Œ‡ Target Shootingäóîa popular use for AR-15s is target shooting. You may want to use your AR-15 to improve your shooting skills or perhaps you enjoy spending days at the range with family and friends for a little friendly competition.

Œ‡ Home Defenseäóîitäó»s not all fun and games with AR-15s. These rifles are commonly used for home defense.

Œ‡ CompetitionäóîAR-15s are also used for competition shooting.

Whatever your intended purposed for your AR-15, itäó»s completely up to you. Determine how you want to use your AR-15 before you buy because this will help you decide which AR-15 is the best option for you, your purpose, and your budget.

If Youäó»ll Buy it Complete or Build it Yourself

AR-15s are completely customizable and there are many ways for how you can buy oneäóîfor example, you can build an AR-15 from the bottom up or you can buy one already built. You can buy half of an AR-15 completed and build the other half, or you could hire a person to build your AR-15 for you. If you want to build your own AR-15, then itäó»s in your best interest to be an experienced shooter so you know what itäó»s like to have a properly assembled AR-15. If you are a first-time gun buyer, then we recommend buying an AR-15 that is already built.

Because AR-15s are completely customizable, you can personalize your AR-15 and really make it yours. Thatäó»s why many people choose to build their own AR-15 rifles. Before you buy your AR-15, decide if you want to build it yourself. Remember, you can always save building your own AR-15 for a later dateäóîperhaps for your 2nd or 3rd rifle purchase?

If you decide to build your own AR-15, then you need the right tools. Donäó»t forget to include the expected costs of necessary tools in your budget. Many times buying the proper tools to assemble a firearm is a hidden expense and it can be quite costly.

Learn More About the Manufacturer

Before you buy an AR-15, whether it is a fully assembled AR-15 or parts to build one yourself, you should do your homework on the manufacturer(s). You want to know as much as you can about the company who makes the gun youäó»re going to be shooting soon.

See if the manufacturer stands behind their products. Is the company reputable in the industry? Ask people you know who know something about AR-15s and look at discussion boards on the Internet to find out more about the manufacturers you are considering purchasing from.

Although there are a lot of people out there who will know what they are talking about when it comes to the subject of AR-15s, the best thing you can do to know if a firearm is right for you is to practice shooting it. Additionally, you want to know if a manufacturer offers a warranty or guarantee before you buy.

Magazine Laws in Your State

Last, but not least, before you buy an AR-15 rifle, you want to find out the magazine laws in your state. Some states have restrictions on magazine size and you should know, before you try to buy additional magazines for your AR-15, whatäó»s legal in your state.

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