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When it comes to AR-15s, there are an endless amount of customization options available. Perhaps thatäó»s why the AR-15 rifle is recognized as the most popular rifle in history.

You can buy an AR-15 rifle already completely assembled or you can buy individual parts and build an AR-15 rifle from the ground up. Itäó»s whatever you want. But, when you do have your AR-15 rifle, then you can choose from a never-ending selection of accessories and other customization options to make your AR-15 truly unlike any other firearm.

The customization options available for AR-15s are truly endless and, yeah, this can be quite daunting; however, when you know you canäó»t lose, then there isnäó»t anything standing in the way of you finding whatäó»s best for you and your firearm.

Learn more about DEGunäó»s large selection of AR-15 parts and accessories today. Then, head over to our website to view all of our AR-15 parts and accessories in further detail.

Low-Priced Lower and Upper Receivers

Customers can purchase fully assembled AR-15s from DEGuns at prices beginning at $469.99, but if you are someone who is building your own AR-15 rifle, then you might be interested in learning more about DEGunsäó» selection of AR-15 lower and upper receivers.

The lower receiver on an AR-15 rifle is more than a part. It is the 1 piece of an AR-15 that every other part of the firearm works into and many of these parts are interchangeable, just like the lower receiver.

Check out DEGunsäó» offering of stripped and complete lower receivers today. Our selection includes the following 2 lower receiver options:

Œ‡ Anderson Complete AR-15 Lower Receiver with Hogue Grip on sale for $179.99

Œ‡ Sig Sauer M400/Sig516 AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver

For shoppers interested in AR-15 upper receivers, take a look at what DEGuns has available today. For example, our store is currently featuring Lantacäó»s LA00221 UAR AR-15 Billet Upper Receiver for $249.00. Learn more about the stellar features of this upper receiver on our website.

Slings for AR-15s

Whether you are using an AR-15 rifle to hunt coyotes, for competition shootings, or whatever else, a sling can certainly come in handy. Slings for rifles are used to assist in carry the firearms and are especially helpful when they help to provide support while shooting.

Here are a few of DEGunsäó» slings for AR-15 rifles:

Œ‡ NCStar Single Point Sling

Œ‡ MagPul

o MS4 Dual QD Gen 2 Black

o MS3 Multi Mission Sling Gen 2 Black

o MOE Carbine Stock Milspec ODG

Inexpensive and High Quality Magazines for AR-15s

When consumers buy AR-15 rifles, normally the firearms come equipped with magazines; however, the majority of AR-15 shooters replace the original magazines with better quality or higher capacity magazines.

DEGunsäó» offers customers an assortment of AR-15 magazines, which includes the CAA Polymer AR-15 .223/5.56 NATO 30-Round Magazine for $16.99 and MagPul PMAG 30-Round for $13.99.

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DEGuns also supplies stocks, hand guards, cleaning kits, muzzle breaks, thermal imagers, and more for AR-15s. Check out our whole selection of parts and accessories for AR-15 rifles on our
website today.

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