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Finding firearms you want to buy online is certainly not difficult, all you have to do is: find what you want, add it to your online shopping cart, make sure the Federal Firearms License (FFL) and necessary shipping information is uploaded, and place the orders for your guns. But, there are a lot of online gun dealers to choose from, so how can you possibly know who to order from?
In this article, weäó»re going to discuss how you can find the right online gun dealer for your firearm purchases, and what to look for in online gun dealers when youäó»re shopping for AR-15s.

Find a Dealer Who Has What You Want

First, you need to find the firearm you want online. The easiest way to do this is to search for the kind of gun you want. For example, if you know what brand AR-15 you want and the caliber size, then you can enter the information into Googleäó»s search box and see what comes up.
Gather a few options you would strongly consider buying and compare them. Look at price, features, brand name, age, etc. Then, gage a reasonable price for the firearm and decide which AR-15 is the best choice for your intended purpose.
Itäó»s highly likely that you are going to find the same firearm for sale on multiple gun dealer websites. In some cases, the firearms might be slightly different, for example: different features or different calibers. But, if you find several firearms that are identical and youäó»re not sure which one to choose, then what should you do?

Get the One With the Better Price

If you find identical firearms on different gun dealer websites and the only difference is price, then, naturally, you should buy the least expensive firearm, as long as itäó»s the firearm you want.

Find Out More About the Dealer

Buying firearms online is pretty straightforward. As long as you are legally allowed to purchase a particular firearm and the FFL is uploaded to the website, you shouldnäó»t have a problem ordering and receiving your firearm. However, you want to buy from a reputable online gun dealer. So, what are a few things you can look for to ensure you are buying from a trustworthy seller?

Online Reviews

One way to learn more about an online gun dealer is to look at online reviews and customer feedback from people who have ordered from the dealer before. Find out what past customers have said about the dealer, for example: were the customers satisfied with the products and service received by this particular dealer? If the service and products were reportedly good, then trust your instinct for whether or not you should order from this dealer.

Company Background

Furthermore, it canäó»t hurt to find out a bit more about the company, like: when did the company start or where is the company located? Learning more about the company will allow you to feel more confident in your decision to order from them.

Pick a Dealer Who Has Your Best Interest in Mind

Ok, so you want to purchase the AR-15 you want to buy for a reasonable price and you want to get it from a reputable seller. In addition to these requirements, you should also choose a dealer that keeps the interests of its customers as a top priority. For example, does the dealer make the buying process simple for its customers? And, does the dealer address frequently asked questions regarding ordering and shipping firearms?

Here are a few things to look for:

A Straightforward Ordering Process

Buying a firearm online isnäó»t meant to be difficult, as long as you are legally allowed to buy one. Therefore, you should never put up with ordering firearms from a gun dealer who makes the online ordering process harder than it needs to be. Placing an order for purchasing a firearm online should be a 3-step process at most: find what you want, put it in the online shopping cart, and complete the checkout process. Thatäó»s it!

FFL Locator

Online firearm purchases do require FFLs. Either you must upload a copy of your local gun dealersäó» FFL or your local gun dealer needs to upload their FFL. Online gun dealers can make this process extremely simple for you. For example, DEGUNS offers a äóÖFFL Locatoräó» functionality for customers that allows customers to search for gun dealers near them. If a gun dealersäó» FFL is on file with DEGUNS, then no further action is necessary. Otherwise, a FFL must be on file before firearms can be shipped to that location.

Stellar Customer Service

Completing your order from start to finish online without additional assistance is ideal; however, if you run into problems with your order or your firearm after you receive it, then you want an online gun dealer that is going to work with you to resolve any issues. You can get a gage for a dealeräó»s customer service by calling or emailing them with a question. Or, simply take a look at the companyäó»s customer reviews and use your best judgment.

Information Concerning Firearm Laws in the United States

You want a gun dealer that makes your life a little easier. If youäó»re buying a firearm, then you should definitely be aware of local, state, and federal gun laws pertaining to you and the area you live. But, it canäó»t hurt if the online gun dealer you choose to order from lends a helping hand. Take a look on dealersäó» websites for information regarding gun laws and if you find it then know this dealer has an eye out for customers.

A Dealer You Can Count On: DEGUNS

With so many online gun dealers to choose from, itäó»s hard to decide which one to pick. Whatever firearm you are looking for though, there is always one online gun dealer you can depend on: DEGUNS! Visit today to view our full selection of AR-15s and other firearms and accessories. Take advantage of our low prices, easy ordering process, convenient FFL locator, and unmatchable customer service. Call us at 402-875-6500 or fill out our online contact form with questions.