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Engineered and built in the year 1959, the AR 15 rifles were originally used as a small arms rifle by the United States armed forces. This particular rifle has been in service since the year 1958 till the present date. Initially built by ArmaLite, the AR 15 was then sold to Colt, due to some financial problems. After facing a series of modifications, from the year 1963, this rifle was sold as the Colt AR 15 to the civilians. After this, the semi-automatic versions of the rifle has been manufactured and sold under various names by the different manufacturers though Colt AR 15 stands to be the registered trademark name.

Specifications of the AR-15 for sale
The AR 15 rifles are light in weight and is available in various sizes and other variations depending upon the manufacturer of the rifle. Synthetic materials and the alloys of aluminium are being extensively used in the production of these rifles. The AR 15 for sale in the recent times comes in two variants. One is the semi automated rifle and the other is the select fire rifle. The rifle is magazine fed and has an intermediate cartridge along with a rotating lock bolt. The other specifications include,
äó¢ Weight- The rifle weighs up from nearly 2.27 kg to 4 kg.
äó¢ Velocity- The muzzle velocity is approximately about 975 m/s.
äó¢ Firing range- The range of fire is about 400-600.
äó¢ Cartridge specifications-The dimensions are 5.56×45 mm NATO.

The mechanism of use of AR 15 for sale
The rifle is actuated by a piston that is present in the bolt carrier or also by a conventional long or short stroke piston operation. Technically, the particular patented mechanism of action behind this particular rifle is termed as direct gas impingement. In this, the bolt is stationary and the carrier of the bolt acts as a movable cylinder.
Legal use of these AR 15 rifles
The AR-15 for sale is legally accepted in several countries though with some restrictions. People are allowed to possess these rifles but the license for this has to be availed by them after stating their reasons for the need of such a fire arm. Permission needs to be obtained from all the government officials and failing to do so can either lead to the prohibition of the person from using the fire arm or in the confiscation of the rifle from the person. Since stringent rules are followed for providing the license for these AR-15 rifles, illegal possession of the fire arm can lead to serious or dire consequence and the person can also face imprisonment. The majority of the variants in this AR 15 used by people are the semi automated model.
Purchase the AR-15 for sale and make sure to register them and obtain a license before their possession.