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In many ways, the ETHOS shotgun by Benelli is revolutionary. It features innovative designs that are unfounded on other shotguns, like Benelliäó»s patented Progressive Comfort Recoil Reduction System. But, the ETHOS also features traditional Benelli contraptions, such as the Inertia-Driven System, which was introduced by Benelli in 1967, with a few modifications. Accordingly, Benelli describes their ETHOS shotgun as äóìclassic form married to modern designäó. The gun isnäó»t completely revolutionary, but itäó»s unlike anything youäó»ve seen before.

The InertiaäóñDriven System

Like other Benelli shotguns, the ETHOS is constructed around the Inertia-Driven System. Using the äóìunfailing law of physicsäó (inertia), the Inertia-Driven System consists of 8 components and allows Benelli semi-automatic rifles to be shot and reloaded quickly, quietly, and easily.

The Inertia-Driven System in ETHOS has been modified slightly to improve performance. For example, a detent mechanism was added to the bolt of the ETHOS, which allows the bolt to be eased forward into the battery more quietly. The detent mechanism ensures the rotating bulkhead locks up every time, even under the lightest pressure.

The systems in ETHOS shotguns are more reliable than systems in other Benelli shotguns. Cycling is improved and ETHOS can cycle the lightest possible 12-gauge loads available, including 7/8 ounce.

The Progressive Comfort Recoil Reduction System

Benelliäó»s ETHOS features the gun manufactureräó»s patented Progressive Comfort System, which is a series of interlocking synthetic buffers that successfully absorb recoil.

The level of recoil absorbed by the buffers depends on the power of the shot shell being fired; however, the system, overall, helps to keep the ETHOS in line during recoil. Fortunately, the ETHOS isnäó»t spent after just 1 shot. This is because the Progressive Comfort System makes it so the shell can glide into the magazine faster and with less effort.

The Progressive Comfort System keeps the ETHOS in line for 2 nd and 3rd shots, which is an awesome advantage for people who are out hunting birds or shooting clay pigeons.

The ETHOS is Customizable

More than 3 million ETHOS shotguns have been sold, and itäó»s really no wonder why. The ETHOS is a beautiful gun that does what it is built to do flawlessly.

If you are interested in purchasing Benelliäó»s ETHOS shotgun, then there are a few variations available. The ETHOS is manufactured with 26-inch and 28-inch barrels, which both have 3-inch chambers. 3 fiber optic sights come with the purchase of each ETHOS shotgun and these can be interchanged as the shooter sees fit. There are also 5 flush-fit chokes included with the shotgun.

Benelli manufactures the ETHOS in 3 finishes: blued barrel, black anodized, and nickeled receiver. There are optional ribs available in multiple sizes to fit shooters of varying sizes and shooting objectives, as well. Moreover, the butt pads on the shotgun can be interchanged as well.

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Whoever you are and whatever your shooting purposes are, if you are in need of a quality-made shotgun, then you have to take a closer look at Benelliäó»s ETHOS shotgun.

Learn more about this firearm on Benelliäó»s website and check out DEGunäó»s selection of Benelli ETHOS shotguns today. Give DEGuns a call at 402-875-6500 or fill out our online contact form if you have any questions or a comment concerning the firearms or accessories DEGuns carries.