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Best Deals Online for AR-15 MagazinesIf youäó»re looking for a great price on AR-15 magazines, you can find it at DE Guns. In addition to providing some of the best brands of AR-15 rifles, DE Guns supplies a range of AR-15 magazines and couplers that are also compatible with a few other gun styles.

5 Round AR-15 Magazines

AR-15 magazines that hold 30 rounds or more are extremely popular right now, so one might wonder how 5 round magazines for AR-15s are used. 5 round magazines were used in the wars Americans fought centuries ago, and they still come in use today. They are popular for hunting especially.

DE Guns supplies 5 round magazines made by Smith and Wesson and Bushmaster. Customers can purchase Smith and Wessonäó»s aluminum .223 Rem/5.56 NATO 5 round AR-15 magazine from DE Guns for $22.99. DE Guns sells the Bushmaster .223/5.56 NATO 5 round AR-15 magazine for $19.99.

30 and 40 Round AR-15 Magazines

30 round AR-15 magazines are the most popular capacity purchased and are often sought after for home defense purposes. 30 round Magpuls are the rifles used by the American military. DE Guns offers CAA .223/5.56 NATO 30 round magazines, MagPul PMAG 40 round GenM3, and MagPul PMAG MOE Gen M2. GenM3 magazines by MagPul are the latest line of magazines from MagPul.

The CAA Countdown 30 round magazine features a visual indicator that shows the number of rounds remaining in the magazine. For example, when there are 30 to 21 round remaining, the indicator is green; 20 to 11 rounds, yellow; and 10 to 0 rounds, red.

Customers can purchase 40 round MagPul PMAG GenM3 for $19.95, the CAA Countdown 30 round magazines for $26, and the 30 round MagPul GenM2 for $13.99 on DE Gunsäó» website.

60 and 100 Round AR-15 Magazines

For customers looking for higher capacity magazines, DE Guns supplies 60 and 100 round magazines for AR-15s. Our selection includes the MagPul PMAG D-60 Drum Magazine, which gives a shooter 60 rounds of ammunition. The drum features an easy-to-use loading lever, a paint pen dot matrix for easy marking, and a rear window for capacity indication. This magazine can be purchased for $129.65.

DE Guns also offers on our website Surefireäó»s High-Capacity 100 round magazine. The springs in this magazine have a cadmium coating to reduce friction and resist corrosion. It fits most carriers that hold 2 magazines. Customers can purchase this 100 round magazine for $124.00.

Buy Trusted Brand AR-15 Magazines for an Affordable Price

Visit DE Guns website today to view all of the AR-15 magazines we supply. Our collection also includes various couplers and AR-15 accessories. If you have questions about AR-15 magazines and would like to talk to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, call DE Guns today at 402-875-6500 or fill out our online contact form . Also, contact DE Guns if you have any questions about how to make purchases on our site or if you have questions about delivery.