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Semi-automatic rifles are an excellent investment because they serve a number of useful functions. For example, you can use these firearms for plinking, which is not only a great way to practice your aim but makes for a great, fun weekend with your friends prior to a BBQ. They are frequently used out on the hunting range, or as a firearm for critter control, or a no-nonsense way to defend your property from anybody who is unwelcome. When you are buying online, you get the opportunity to select from a near infinite amount of options and resources. However, your best bet is to turn to DEGuns, the top online supplier of rifles, shotguns, handguns, pistols, ammunition, firearm replacement parts, mounts, scopes, straps, and outdoor adventure gear of all kinds. Letäó»s take a look at a few of your options for semi-automatic rifles.

Reliable Semi-Automatic Rifle: Smith & Wesson Sport Semi-Automatic 22 Long Rifle

This semi-autom atic rifle comes with a 10äó M&P slim handguard to allow for greater comfort and control. The Magpul MBUS features foldable sights, M-LOK accessories that can mount with ease, 6-position carbine stock, and a double position receiver with a mounted safety lever.

Affordable Semi Automatic Rifle: Smith & Wesson, S&W Model M&P 15 Sport II

The S&W Model M &P 15 Sport II features a forward assist and a dust cover. It has a forged integral trigger guard and an Armornite finish to make sure it stays durable and resistant to the types of corrosion you are likely to encounter when you take this rifle out for an outdoor trip.

Semi Automatic Hunting Rifle: Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad Flat Dark Earth .308 Rifle

Sometimes, as a shooter, you need a special tool for a special job. A full-sized battle rifle works great to put in the back of your truck for a trip up to the mountains or a trek through some heavy bush. The Scout Squad merges legendary firepower with the M1Aäó»s famous reliability.

The Scout Squad is decked out with features shooters love including a two-stage military trigger to the aperture style rear sight. The barrel is reduced to 18 inches for greater control. The forward mount delivers you added versatility and eye-relief optics. The recoil is tamed through a specially designed muzzle brake, which adds to the excellent performance and handling of this firearm.

How to Move Forward With Buying a Semi Automatic Rifle from DEGuns

We love to talk gear and shop here at DEGuns. Thatäó»s why our in-house experts would be happy to help you determine which semi-automatic rifle would work best for you and your needs. We also have a considerable amount of experience navigating the various key legal and logistical points of buying a gun online. We would be happy have you give us a call at 402-875-6500 or contact us online, where you can browse through photos.402-875-65