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The PK380 Pistol by Walther Arms is the perfect concealed carry weapon. Itäó»s small, but itäó»s not too small to handle well, and the gun has lesser-felt recoil. Also, this gun is simply really cool looking. It looks like something a person would just like to own.

You can purchase the PK380 Walther Arms Pistol from Discount Enterprises today. We offer this firearm in 3 color variations for unbeatable prices. Letäó»s tell you more about this weapon.

The Grip

This gun has a small grip. What does this mean? It means that this firearm is the ideal weapon for shooters with small hands. The slide on this weapon is easy to operate too, which makes it a great firearm choice for women. This weapon is lightweight too, which is a plus for concealed carry.

The grip on the PK380 by Walther Arms is an ergonomic and comfortable shape. The grip gives shooters better control over the weapon and itäó»s a small size making the weapon ideal for small hands.

3 Dot Polymer Sights

The PK380 Pistol from Walther Arms comes equipped with 3 dot polymer sights, which allows for rapid aiming and target acquisition. The rear sight screw can be adjusted for windage and the firearm is low profile so it wonäó»t snag your clothing.

Custom Accessory Rail

Walther Arms includes a Picatinny Rail on their PK380 pistols. This allows shooters to easily mount accessories like flashlights, lasers, and additional sights on the firearm.

Double Action and Single Action Trigger

The PK380 comes with a double action and single action trigger, which is pretty cool. For double action, the trigger has an 11-pound pull. For single action, the trigger has a 4-pound pull.

This weapon does not operate by blowback where pressure generated by a firing cartridge is countered by the combination of the inertial weight of the slide assembly and the force of the recoil spring. The weapon employs a Browning-type tilt barrel design. The action will not open until the projectile has left the barrel and the pressures have dropped to safe levels.

Slide Serrations

This weapon has a non-slip surface, which makes operating the slide distinctive to Walther Arms. On the slide and barrel of the PK380 pistol, Cerakote Coating is added to resist corrosion. The finish is matte.

Chamber Viewport

This weapon shows shooters when the chamber is loaded. It allows for quick status inspection.

Magazine Release

The magazine release on the PK380 is paddle-style. Itäó»s ambidextrous for left and right hand operation, which is pretty spectacular.


The safety on the PK380 is on both sides of the gun. The safety blocks the firing pin for safe handling.

The Basics

The caliber of the PK380 by Walther Arms is .380 ACP. The barrel length is 3.66 inches. The trigger pull is 11 pounds for DA and 4 pounds for SA. The capacity of the weapon is 8 rounds. The height of the gun is 5.2 inches and the width is 1.2 inches. You can purchase this weapon in Black, Nickel, Angel Blue, and Black with a laser set. Discount Enterprises offers all of these color options.

Comparable To The PP2

This weapon is comparable in size and operation to the PP2. The PK380 pistol by Walther Arms is very popular, so sometimes itäó»s hard to find ammunition for it. The magazine release on the PK380 is unique, because itäó»s ambidextrous. Really everything on this weapon is ambidextrous. Also, itäó»s not too small, which makes it a little easier to handle than smaller concealed carry pistols. The small size also helps make the recoil of the weapon more bearable. When the weapon is small, the recoil is usually more powerful and harder to handle, especially for smaller framed people.

The PK380 is unlike the .22 Walther Arms P22 because it features a slide-mounted ambidextrous manual hammer-block, non-decocking safety, and external hammer.

The slide, barrel, and internal frame on the PK380 are steel. The grip is polymer for reduced weight. The magazines on this weapon are single-stack design and hold 8 rounds. The weapon has an 8+1 capacity.


Although comparable to other weapons, the PK380 is unique because itäó»s small, easy to carry, built well, and available for an affordable price.

Learn More About The PK380

You can learn more about the PK380 on Walther Armsäó» websiste and Find local gun dealers near you on Walther Armsäó» website or take advantage of Discount Enterprisesäó» Hot Deals and current promotions.

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