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Before you buy a Taurus PT111 handgun, there are a few things you should be aware of. For starters, Taurus PT111 handguns are one of the most purchased and sought after sub-compact handguns in the United States of America. Taurus PT111s are inexpensive, comfortable to hold, and offer great accuracy, which makes them a nice handgun choice for entry-level shooters and first-time gun buyers.


Taurus PT111s are Perfect Entry-Level Handguns

The newly designed Taurus PT111 G2 handgun features a lightweight 22-ounce frame, thin profile, and 3.2-inch barrel. It is small in profile, has smooth rounded corners, and is functional, reliable, and easy to conceal.

The Taurus PT111 is comparable to the Glock 26 when it comes to size, thickness, and slide design. The biggest difference between the two handguns is that the Taurus PT111 holds 12 round magazines while the Glock 26 holds 10.


The Taurus PT111 Fits Like a Glove

One of the most prized features of the Taurus PT111 handgun is its design and grips. Together, they make the gun more attractive and easier to hold. On the front of the gun there are 2 contours that give the gun a sleek appearance. On the back of the gun there are serrations, which make the gun easier to hold while shooting and aid in racking the gun. One of the most iconic features of the Taurus PT111 handgun is the stippling on the gun handle. The gripping is aggressive and allows the gun to fit comfortably in the hand of the shooter. Also, the stippling does not wear down over time.


Advantages of the Taurus PT111

A Taurus PT111 handgun can be purchased for less than 300 dollars. The gun features rounded corners and sides rather than a blocky disposition, which, in addition to making the gun comfortable to hold, allows the gun to be concealed easily. The 12 round magazines meant for Taurus PT111s go in easily and feature pinky base pads, which allow gun users to get good grips on the magazines. Taurus PT111s feature Genuine Picatinny Rails so lasers and lights can be added, but sometimes the rail is too small for standard lights and other accessories.

Shooters of Taurus PT111s can quickly know if a round is in the chamber of the gun because each PT111 features a loaded chamber indicator. The guns also feature a manual thumb safety and a Security System. With the Security System, a Taurus PT111 can be rendered inoperable with the simple turn of a key.


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To view Taurus PT111 handguns in more detail or to order one today, visit DE Guns website. De Guns supplies Taurus PT111 handguns, accessories, and magazines. If you have questions about Taurus PT111 handguns or how to complete an order on DE Guns website, then do not hesitate to contact us. Customers can reach DE Guns by calling 402-875-6500 or by filling out our online contact form .