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M4A1 Rifles by Daniel Defense are not very difficult to come by. You can go to any nearby firearms dealer or store that carries firearms and likely find what youäó»re looking for. However, the Internet does exist, and it is renowned for making it easier for consumers to find low prices for all kinds of products, including firearms.

The first place you can look online for Daniel Defense M4A1 Rifles is Daniel Defenseäó»s website. Here, you can view the companyäó»s full product line and, using the Dealer Locator Tool, find firearm dealers near you who carry the specific products you are interested in buying.

There are a number of nationwide distributors who purchase directly from Daniel Defense, including: Acusport Corporation, Lipseyäó»s, RSR Group, Jerryäó»s Sports Center, Ellett Brothers, Big Rock Sports, Zanders, and Shooting Sports Wholesale. NFA items from Daniel Defense are only available from Lipseyäó»s and Acusport Corporation. There are many retailers that purchase form these distributors and sell Daniel Defense products. Many of these retailers have websites online where you can purchase Daniel Defense products, or you can find the information for these dealers online. You can also find Daniel Defense products for sale online via gun auction websites and online marketplaces, like GunBroker and ArmsList.

What To Know Before You Buy a Daniel Defense M4A1 Rifle Online

When you purchase firearms on the Internet, the guns cannot be shipped directly to your houseäóîitäó»s illegal. Anyone who is engaging in the sale or transfer of firearms in the United States must have a Federal Firearms License (FFL). The FFL entitles the dealer to receive and transfer firearms in accord with the laws set forth by BATFE.

Before you purchase firearms online, you should research your stateäó»s laws to make sure that what you buy is in compliance with the state laws. For example, Daniel Defense cannot ship unmodified firearms to California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut. However, Daniel Defense manufactures California Compliant versions of carbines and these firearms feature a bullet button and a limited capacity magazine.

A Short History of the M4A1 Rifle

The M4A1 Rifle from Daniel Defense is not the same as M4A1 Rifles that were around 30 years ago, but M4 Carbine Rifles have been around since 1985. That year, 1985, Colt was awarded a development contract for the XM4 Carbine. The intent of the development project was to create a carbine that would be similar to the World War II M1 Carbine. The weapon would support troops and other people who did not require a full-size M16A1, and the goal was to make a firearm that had as many parts as possible in common with the M16A1.

In 1994, the United States armed forces adopted the M4 and M4A1 Carbinesäóîthe M4 had three-round bursts and the M4A1 had full-automatic setting and Picatinny rails. The majority of M4A1s were supplied to the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and the M4A1 quickly became the standard weapon for many SOCOM operators.

Where Daniel Defense Comes In

In 2005, Daniel Defense was awarded the SOCOM contract and began supplying the U.S. armed forces with M4A1 Rail Interface System (RIS) II. The RIS II allows the M203 Grenade Launcher to be free-floated without additional parts or special tools to mount it. The features of the RIS II include: free-floating barrel design, uninterrupted upper rail platform, aircraft-grade aluminum, hardened-steel barrel nut, Grade 8 mil-spec fasteners, and Picatinny rails. The RIS II is said to have increased the warfighteräó»s capability immensely.

In 2006, Daniel Defense delivered the first 40,000 RIS II forends to SOCOM. Additionally, Marty Daniel, the founder of Daniel Defense, engineered a quick-detach rail mount.

Buy Daniel Defense M4A1 Rifles Today

The Daniel Defense Government product line is available for the United States Department of Defense and other United States Government agencies. The product line is also available for international customers who are under the Foreign Military States (FMS) Program.

You can buy Daniel Defense M4A1 Rifles today, or you can buy parts of M4A1 Rifles. On Daniel Defenseäó»s website, you can purchase the M4A1 FSP RIS II, the M4A1 Complete Rifle, M4A1 FSP Complete Rifle, and the M4A1 Upper Receiver Group With Sites.

The M4A1 features a 14.5-inch Cold Hammer Forged M4 Profile Barrel and has a permanently attached Daniel Defense Flash Suppressor. The M4A1 is finished with Daniel Defenseäó»s Mil Spec + Cerakote and it comes with a Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol Grip.

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