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In an era when buying anything on the Internet is made to be simple and convenient, and during a time when the topics of firearms and how they are acquired in America are hot, many people wonder if itäó»s possible to legally purchase firearms online. The simple answer to this question when itäó»s asked is äóìyesäó.

Consumers can purchase firearms on the Internetäóîand they can do so legally. The process isnäó»t too difficult either; however, that doesnäó»t mean anyone can buy a firearm online. The same laws that apply to consumers who attempt to buy guns from brick and mortar firearm selling locations apply to anyone who is looking to buy firearms online.

What You Need to Know About Buying Firearms Online

If you are of age and pass all of the legal requirements for gun ownership for the state you reside in, then buying a gun online can be as simple as 1-2-3. As in: 1) you pick out the gun you want; 2) you add the gun you want to your shopping cart; and 3) you complete the order and the gun is sent to a gun dealer of your choosing.

There is a lot to know about the buying-guns-online process, but once you have all the details, itäó»s really not that complicated. Discount Enterprises, also known as DeGuns, is a firearms dealer with a physical store location in Lincoln, Nebraska. DeGuns also offers their entire store inventory online. To better understand the process of purchasing firearms online, letäó»s take a look at how itäó»s done with DeGuns:

Step One: Choose the firearm you want and add it to the shopping cart.

Step Two: Proceed to the Checkout and choose the location you want for the shipping address. Every order must be delivered to a location that has a Federal Firearms License (FFL).

DeGunsäó» makes it easy for customers to find an FFL location near them. Simply enter your zip code and a list of FFL locations near the zip code you enter will pop up. Each location will either say äóìNo Licenseäó or äóìOn Fileäó. If the location you want says äóìNo License,äó then you will need to contact the dealer and ask them to upload their FFL to DeGunsäó» website. If the location you want says äóìOn File,äó then no further action is necessary.

Step Three: Pick up your firearm from your FFL.

What To Know When You Pick Up Your Firearm

Laws pertaining to gun ownership vary state to state in the United States of America. Therefore, before you buy a gun online, be aware of the laws in your state that pertain to gun ownership. For example, in the state of Nebraska, purchasers of firearms are required to have a current Nebraska state ID or driveräó»s license. Also, purchasers of firearms must have a Nebraska Firearm Purchase Certificate or a Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit.

Most firearms are prohibited from being directly mailed. This is detailed further in The Gun Control Act of 1968 and itäó»s the reason why online gun sellers are required to ship firearms to FFL dealers and not to buyersäó» front doors.

Buying a gun online is not a way to evade a background check. When purchasers go to their FFL to pick up their firearms, they will be subject to background checks. Also, they must have the appropriate documentation and licenses required by the state they liveäóîin addition to meeting the federal requirements for gun ownership.

Buy Firearms Online From DeGuns

Visit DeGunsäó» website today to see our entire selection of premium firearms and firearm accessories. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, then do not hesitate to contact us by calling 402-875-6500 or fill out our online contact form.