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Buying a firearm is a big investment, especially if you plan to shoot the gun oftenäóîthe cost of ammunition adds up! Similar to buying a brand new car, most gun owners want their firearms to last a long time and remain in great condition for as long as possible. The best way to ensure this is to clean your gun when necessary. Weäó»re going to tell you what materials you need to properly clean a rifle, in addition to other useful information.

First Things First: When To Clean a Rifle

The best way to extend the working life of a rifle is to clean it after every time itäó»s used. The purpose of cleaning the rifle is to ensure that there is not one spec of powder, dirt, or copper anywhere inside or out. However, some gun enthusiasts advise against cleaning every part of a rifle after each use. For example, shooting a rifle with a fouled bore can help ensure that the bullet shot from the rifle will hit where you want it to hit. Itäó»s a good idea to clean the äóìheartäó of a rifleäóîthe boreäóîafter each hunt and if you do not plan to shoot the gun for a while.

The main purpose of cleaning a rifle regularly is to keep rust and other bad situations from befouling it. This goes beyond cleaning too: You have to do what you can to keep your rifle clean, dry, and lubricated if you want it to last a long time.

A Few Safety Points

1. Point the muzzle in a safe direction: Never look down the barrel of a gun, unless the gun is disassembled or the action is being held open.

2. Always treat firearms like they are loaded

What You Need To Clean Your Rifle

For less than $100, you can buy the tools you need to properly clean your rifle. You need to purchase the following:

Œ‡ Cleaning Rod

o Best to purchase a rod that is one piece. Do not buy a steel rod or a steel-coated rod.

o Slotted Tip Rod is for dragging a soaked patch through the bore

o Buy a rod that is made of a material softer than steel

Œ‡ Jag or Loop

o Attachment that goes on the end of a cleaning rod

o Jag is for pushing a patch through the bore to soak up extra solvent and grime, or work bore polish in there

Œ‡ Patches

o Run through the bore with every pass of the cleaning rod

Œ‡ Cleaning Brush

o Get a 3 pack of nylon, copper, and steel toothbrushes. Only copper or brass brushes can be used safely on firearmsäóîsteel is too hard.

o Never put a brush at the muzzleäóîyou can damage the crown (use a muzzle crown protector if necessary)

Œ‡ Bore Light

Œ‡ Gun Toothbrush

o Reach all the nooks and crannies

o Perfect for cleaning out slide grooves and trigger parts

Œ‡ The Right Fluids (Degreaser, etc.)

o Solvent to dissolve the grime

Œ_ Removes carbon, lead, and other fouling

o Degreaser

Œ_ Removes existing dirt and oil form moving parts of the gun

o Oil for lubrication and rust prevention

o Grease for lube on high friction points that you want to stay lubed

o Protectant

Œ_ If your gun is exposed to harsh or wet environments, consider using a water-displacing protectant

Take the Bolt Out

The first thing you need to do to clean your rifle is to get the bolt out. This allows you to access the bolt easier, and you also get easy access to the receiver and breech end of the barrel. To pull the bolt out of an AR, you pull the 2 captive disassembly pins, drop out the lower receiver, and pull out the bolt with the charging handle.

Take the Action Down

Take your rifleäó»s action down to component parts. Next, swab each part clean with the solvent patches. Some rifles loosen up more the more you take them apart.

Pay Attention to the Barrel

Once youäó»ve cleaned every part of the rifle, put your full attention on the barrel. Pull the copper brush through a couple of times. Next, pull a solvent batch through the barrel. Most of the grime will go away. Be sure to pay attention to the rifling of the barrel and the firing chamber as to not damage either. The slightest nick or ding on the crown can impact the accuracy of the rifle.

The Importance of Oil

Oil is great for two things: rust prevention and lubrication. Grease protects against rust too, but itäó»s messy. Oil should go everywhere there is metal. On the äóÖhardest hit points,äó» use grease because grease lasts longer than oil. These points include: the hammer, bolt rails and lugs, and magazine catches.

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