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CZ P-09 Full Size 9MM Handgun with Thread-High Night Sights

When you are looking for a reliable handgun that will perform well in self defense and home defense situations, consider the CZ 9MM handgun with thread-high night sights. Think about the type of situations in which self and home defense become necessary. An overwhelming percentage of personal attacks and home invasions happen in the middle of the night. Thatäó»s why it is so useful to have a night sights ready to go. Having the right tools will help you perform well and assist you in dangerous, high pressure situations.

As a leading online supplier of firearms of all kinds, not to mention ammunition, parts, accessories and outdoor gear of all kinds, DEGuns is prepared to help you find CZ handguns and sights that will serve you well day and night under any circumstances.

Find Top Quality CZ P-09 9MM Handguns from DEGuns

Stacked with all the features but none of the frills of the Urban Grey series, this standard black P-09 is ready for supressors, and comes with high night sights and extended magazine bases and a threaded barrel. The P-09 is a full-sized polymer handgun with extended polymer magazines. Sporting the versatile Omega trigger design, the P-09 comes with decockers installed, but can be switched to a manual safety easily using the parts and instructions that come with this model.


When you are using any tasks that require night sights, you want them to be simple as possible to use, extremely reliable, and strong in case they get banged around in the dark, or beaten down by bad weather. These Ameriglo FNX 9MM 3-Dot Tritium night sights will help you gain rapid control over a personal defense scenario or a home invasion situation. Simplicity is a key element of safety when you are planning for emergencies. Eliminate as many complicating factors for your own sake should you find yourself in a bad situation. Simple sights like these can go along way towards that goal.

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Due to its intuitive operation and robust construction, the CZ 9MM has become a standard among those who own and operate firearms for a number of scenarios. It is fun to shoot in competitions, and a reliable choice for emergency situations as well. If you have any questions about the potential uses of this firearm or any other equipment we offer, we would be more than happy to assist you. We are also knowledgeable about certain laws when it comes to shipping and handling firearms, and we would be happy to explain those to you, and point you towards informational resources should you need them. Get in touch with us by calling 402-875-6500 or you may contact us online to learn more. We look forward to helping you find a handgun that helps keep you safe, and is enjoyable to operate.