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Weäó»re impressed by the Dan Wesson 1911. Itäó»s a standout firearm that we are proud to offer. Letäó»s take a look at what we need to know about this firearm. To begin with, the construction of this gun is so precise, that it has an excellent weight and balance in the hand. It cycles as smooth as can be, with minimal recoil. Those who are familiar with gunsmithing will be impressed, as other reviewers have been, by the fact that no light is visible between the bushing and the barrel. A few more notes on the build, Dan Wesson is a crafty company. They snag the parts they think are best from a collection of companies. This includes:

  • Grip safeties
  • Mainspring housings
  • Slide stops
  • Barrel bushings
  • Grips
  • Sights
  • äó_and springs

äó_from a collection of top tier firearms suppliers including Ed Brown, EGW, Grieder, Wolff, VZ, Heine and more. This is because Dan Wesson loves to have best of breed components when putting together a firearm. DW manufactures its parts from bar stock tool steel, including the sear, hammer, disconnector, and thumb safety. They include a number of foolproof features, including a beveled slide stop that helps people avoid the dreaded äóìidiot markäó.

The Dan Wesson 1911 Finish: Notes on this Superior, Smooth Finish

You can get the Dan Wesson 1911 in matte stainless, Dan Wessonäó»s black Duty finish. The miraculous flawless, uniform, and super tough surface is created via a form of ferritic nitocarburizing.

The Sights on the DW 1911 line are Designed for Maximum Accuracy

The design of these sights is ideal for maximizing visibility and control. These tactical, defensive sights are designed similarly to others in the DW line . The front sight features a white outline surrounding the green tritium vial, while the serrated rear sight features an amber tritium dot. These are tactical sights, with the rear sight making use of a flat front to make single-handed racking and speedy target acquisition.

A Note on the Magazines:

These heavy, stainless steel magazines offered flawless, easy functioning. They fit well, and perform well. Itäó»s sides and backs feature more or less standard beveling, and fits well with the clean design of the frame.

Pulling the Trigger on the Dan Wesson 1911: An Expertäó»s Experience

Letäó»s just say in our line of work, we pull a trigger or two. Out of the many guns we have test fired, this offers a truly remarkable performance. It has a clean, reliable feeling and weight to it.

Learn More About the Dan Wesson 1911 with Help from the Leading Online Gun Dealer

As a leading dealer of rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition, parts, accessories and more. To learn more about the features of this handgun, talk to our in-house firearms experts. We would be happy to answer all of your questions about use, storage, care, accessories, concealed carry, and more. If youäó»re interested in this handgun, or any of our other offerings, contact us online, where you will always find new deals and discounts, or call 402-875-6500.