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The battle between predator and prey, hunter and hunted, is eternal. When you are the hunter, you want to do everything necessary to give yourself an edge. One of the best and most effective ways you can do this is through electronic predator callers. When you get a predator caller, you need something that will sound convincing, and last no matter how rough the weather gets. You also need something that can withstand a little rough transportation as well. Thatäó»s why DEGuns, the leading dealer of firearms, ammo and hunting supplies of all kinds offers top quality electronic predator calls for hunting tough prey. Letäó»s explore some options.

Cass Creek Ergo Predator Game Call; Simple, Portable Game Call: Simple, Portable and Practical Predator Call

This predator call with an ergonomic grip is easy to use. It features push button operation to get realistic, high quality sounds that attract the prey youäó»re looking for. You get five calls in one unit, and it comes with a belt clip, and handy on off and volume dials.

Here are some sounds you get:

  • Coyote locator
  • Coyote food fight
  • Cottontail distress
  • Baby Jack distress

Get a Predator Hunting Kit: Hunter’s Specialties Johnny Stewart Attractor Predator 3 Electronic Predator Game Caller with 5 Calls

This predator call kit from the Johnny Stewart Series works well for a wide selection of prey. The Attractor Predator 3 Game Call is an incredible way to begin your hunt for those intelligent predators youäó»re going after. This call features a speaker that can pivot 180 degrees, and comes with 5 preloaded sounds designed to draw in your prey. These 15 bit sounds last for about 30 seconds, but you have the option to throw on a continuous loop if you prefer. The remote has a range of 50 yards, offering you a large territory over which to äóìcast your netäó.

Altus Extreme Dimension Wildlife IHunt EDIHWAG Predator Call and Decoy

This iHunt Bluetooth Predator Decoy and Caller by Extreme Dimension offers a combined decoy and game call to lure predators right where you want them. All you have to do is call up any one of the 150 predator calling sounds available on your app, and they should come into range, lured by the bobbing tail. No need to worry about weather conditions with these powerful dual speakers that blast up to 110 dB of sound.

Learn More About Predator Calls with Help From Leading Online Firearms Experts

As a leading dealer of firearms, DEGuns is well prepared to help you find whatever you need when it comes to predator calls. If you have any questions when it comes to which calls you need, and the best way to use them, we would be happy to help you out. Our in house firearms and supplies experts love hunting, and would be happy to help you discuss which call is best for you. No matter what you prey is, you can find the perfect call if you contact us online or call 402-875-6500.