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Itäó»s the era of big corporations. Wal-Marts and McDonalds blanket the American landscape. Amazon offers absolutely everything, and firearms manufacturers can stamp out an armyäó»s worth of guns like Heinz cranking out cans of baked beans.McDonalds blanket the American landscape. Amazon offers absolutely everything, and firearms manufacturers can stamp out an armyäó»s worth of guns like Heinz cranking out cans of baked beans.

Itäó»s only natural that someone was going to choose the antithesis of that system. In the gun world, that someone was Dan Wesson, founder of Wesson Firearms. He did this by creating guns that were of match-grade accuracy right out the box, virtually indestructible, and ingenious with innovative designs.

DE Guns wants to introduce you to the remarkable story of this manufacturer, and point out how a curious person either familiar with the guns or brand new to them can get their hands on them.

Meet the Man Behind the Guns

Dan Wesson was a perfectionist. He preferred to build a few truly superb guns rather than a host of merely acceptable ones. He never allowed quality to be sacrificed for quantity, and stayed true to his vision even in a world of penny-pinching bottom-liners.

His philosophy was simple. In his words: äóìYou can never be fully satisfied. You can always make something better.äó These watchwords steered him up a path of constant improvement in the work of providing his customers with some of the best revolvers that money could buy.

Kind Words About Dan Wesson

Youäó»re not likely to come across a shortage of kind words about Dan Wesson in the firearms industry. For example, Elgin Gates, the father of modern handgun silhouette shooting said of Wesson,

äóìHe was one of the great men of the firearms industry and of his time; one of those individuals who made things happen, who kept the handgun world honest because he built the best guns that brains and material could turn out. Because of that, the others dared not do less.äó

The company developed its line of products after introducing the model 12, .357 magnum in 1969 to the large frame 44-magnum series in 1977, going on to the massive Supermag frame series in 1982.

The company was acquired by Robert Serva in 1996, and moved to Norwich, N.Y. to reestablish its revolver line. However, few revolvers were produced from 1998 to 2000. During this time, an effort was being made to retool and reimagine the gun line to generate extremely high quality production revolvers while using modern manufacturing techniques.

Wesson in the Millennium

In the year 2000, a small production run kicked off beginning with the large frame and SuperMag revolvers. This was the fruit of the labor of several years on behalf of the dedicated personnel of the company, bringing in new equipment, producing new tooling, programs and processes. Much had to be sacrificed to guarantee the standards of quality the Dan Wesson for which the Dan Wesson company had become known.

The company also began developing a 1911 style pistol. The goal was simple, and true to Wesson way: build the most accurate out-of-the-box 1911 anywhere on the market and integrate features that the shooter in this frame of history desires. The objective was attained, and now Dan Wesson Firearms offers some of the best, most desirable pistols in the market incorporating high-end parts from no less than the likes of Ed Brown, EGW, CMC, Grieder Precision and many others. Dan Wesson still progresses in the arena of 1922 pistol production with new aspects such as the commander size, the Ed Brown bobtail, and the 10mm chambering just to point out a few.

The Meeting and Merging with CZ

A tremendous opportunity presented itself to Dan Wesson Firearms when its revolvers impressed none other than CZ, one of the worldäó»s biggest producers of firearms. CZ had taken note of Dan Wesson Firearms because of its innovative thinking, and successful implementation of new products within the marketplace. CZ-USA acquired Dan Wesson Firearms in early 2005, and now manages it under part of the CZ corporate group.

This was a remarkable time in the history of Dan Wesson Firearms. Every key component of business needed to take the company forward existed. The corporate structure flourished and developed the company for optimum future results.

The spirit of Dan Wesson Firearms was now fused with a new, streamline structure of:

Œ‡ Management

Œ‡ Development

Œ‡ Manufacturing

Œ‡ Marketing

Everything needed to become a world-class company was in place, and CZ & Dan Wesson rapidly moved forward with the production of incredible, world-class handguns.

CZ & Dan Wesson from DE Guns

This is not a complete list of the CZ & Dan Wesson firearms offered by DE Guns, but it may get the wheels spinning in the direction of a future purchase.

1. CZ Dan Wesson V BOB 45ACP Black Ceramic Finish

The Valor Series is our top line, in other words, the best we have to offer. The popular Bobtail Commander is now available in the form of the Dan Wesson V-Bob in the Valor Series. This 1911 is among the best built on the market. The V-Bobäó»s features include:

Œ‡ Forged frame with 25 LPI checkering front and back

Œ‡ An undercut trigger guard

Œ‡ Tactical ledge night sights

Œ‡ VZ slim line G10 grips

Œ‡ EGW carry bevel bushings as well as our tool-steel fire controls and other premium small parts

Every piece that becomes a part of the Valor series is hand-fit, polished and blended to produce not only a superb gun, but also one that is quite attractive. The gunäó»s finish is a ceramic base-coating that has become a standard setter for all coating tests.

2. CZ-USA Dan Wesson Valkyrie Commander Length .45 ACP 1911 Pistol

The Valkyrie features all the latest upgrades to the CCO (commander-length slide on an officer frame) platform including

Œ‡ ECO frame with a recessed slide stop hole paired with ball cuts on the slide’s dust cover and carry cuts up front.

Œ‡ Slim G10 grips

Œ‡ Same sights and controls of the Dan Wesson ECO

Œ‡ Barrel and the bushing of the Dan Wesson CCO.

Contact DE Guns for More Information About CZ & Dan Wesson

For more information about purchasing one of these world-class firearms, contact DE Guns by calling 402-875-6525 or visit our website here. We look forward to hearing about your needs whether you are shooting for sport, hunting, or defending your home from intruders, we are confident that we can find the right firearm for you.