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When it comes to affordable, reliable firearms, one of your go-to manufacturers should be SCCY. Pronounced äóìskyäó this Florida-based American pistol manufacturer offers prices that are sure to impress any gun shopper. DEGuns offers an incredible range of these guns for experienced gun owners and new shooters alike. These guns have been ideal for concealed carry since the beginning of SCCY in 2003 when the company was started by Joe Roebuck, a tool and die maker. One of the fascinating aspects of this relatively new gun company is that the makers werenäó»t beholden to any legacy models or designs. This let them focus on nothing but creating effective and affordable firearms, which have rapidly become a must-have for personal and home defense situations.

DEGuns offers an enormous range of SCCY guns suited to men women, and young shooters who are learning how to fire their first gun. In keeping with its model of breaking with traditions, SCCY offers its firearms in a wide range of colors, letting you express yourself with a stylish handgun that makes a fantastic conversation starter at shooting competitions, ranges, hunting trips, conventions, and any other gun-related event. We also carry parts, accessories, and ammunition for these guns and many more.

SCCY Firearms from DEGuns

Explore these options for SCCY firearms at unbeatable prices. Check regularly for updating deals of the day, and other promotions.

The SCCY Industries CPX-2 CB Black Frame 9mm is built with a strong polymer frame, a 3-dot sight design, and a double-action trigger pull design. This is a great choice for shooters who want to find a quality pistol without breaking the bank. This firearm is warranted to be free from defects in the workmanship or manufacturing materials by SCCY.

Specs on this pistol:

䄏 9mm caliber

䄏 3.1 inch barrel

䄏 Black polymer grip

䄏 4äó height

䄏 5.7äó length

䄏 1äó width

䄏 15-ounce weight

䄏 9-pound trigger pull

䄏 No external safety

The SCCY Industries CPX-2 TTPK Stainless Slide Pink Frame 9mm 3.1″ Barrel is just as affordable and durable as the black framed model, but it has a fun look that is popular among shooters who like spice things up a little bit. The specifications and quality are the same as the black 9mm handgun. The same guarantee applies. The SCCY 9mm is also available in a purple frame. Pink, black. purple, camo, orange, blue or red, these low-cost firearms will serve you well on the range or in concealed carry situations. It can never hurt to snag an extra SCCY magazine while you are looking around. Note that these pistols are available for purchase in both CPX-1 and CPX-2 models.

Whatäó»s the Difference Between the SCCY CPX-2 and CPX-1?

The CPX-1 and the CPX-2 by SCCY are very similar handguns. It is understandable that gun shoppers might become confused about the difference. The CPX-1 has an ambidextrous safety that can be operated from either the left or right side. When the safety is engaged, the trigger is disconnected from the mechanism that activates the hammer, making the gun inoperable. The CPX-2 has no safety.

The Purpose of the SCCY CPX-1/CPX-2

This pistol is a sub-compact, double stack, polymer-frame, double action handgun chambered in 9mm, which is currently one of the most popular cartridges for self-defense in America. This small gun is easy to carry all day if need be, but it packs enough firepower to neutralize a threat should the need to do so emerge. One of the better features of this gun is how simple it is to operate. When you are in a self-defense situation, you absolutely do not want a complicated gun. For concealed carry firearms, simplicity is a matter of personal safety. Reviewers have described this pistol by SCCY as äóìshooter-friendly.äó It sits comfortably in concealed carry holsters but is ready for action when the time comes.

Innovative Trigger Action from SCCY

This pistoläó»s double-action trigger is modeled after the double-action revolver. By that we mean it has a harder, longer trigger pull than the more common striker-fired design used in most sub-compact pistols. This double action trigger is widely regarded as a crucial safety feature for carry guns because it reduced the probability of an accidental discharge. You have to take intentional action to fire this gun, which is what you want in almost any circumstances. However, this heavy trigger pull does not mean the pistol is difficult to fire. Do be aware of this and plan for extra time at the range learning how to hit targets with the heavy action.

The steel magazines are designed with a double-stack system, meaning more cartridges can fit in a given vertical distance because the ammo is in a wide magazine and staggered. These ten-round magazines feature a grooved extension that extends the length of the grip by a half inch. However, you can also get a flat baseplate that will get rid of the extension if you prefer.

The grip is wider front-to-back than many sub-compact guns in order to house the hammer spring. Many shooters wind up preferring the feel of this style because it fills the hand for improved control.

How to Buy SCCY Pistols at Affordable Prices

There are many things to love about the SCCY firearms. Theyäó»re a powerful, lightweight concealed carry firearms that delivers the firepower you need to keep yourself, your friends and your family safe should an emergency arise. They come in a wide variety of fun colors and styles that make this a fun gun to own. They have a heavy trigger pull to keep you safe as you use this gun for concealed carry. These guns have a full, textured grip that makes handling, control and shooting a pleasant and easy experience. If you are curious about how you can buy the SCCY 9mm online, DEGuns is here to help. All you have to is call 402-875-6500 or contact us online. We look forward to talking shop and helping you find the firearm that will keep you safe, and suit your needs.