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Springfield Armory recently released a brand new Master Class Silent Operator, which is a 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP). For Springfield Armory, this firearm fills a void in the companyäó»s line of 1911 pistols. No other pistol by Springfield Armory has had a threaded barrel before.

The Price You Have To Pay

Springfield Armoryäó»s Master Class Silent Operator doesnäó»t come cheap and you might be wondering what makes this weapon so great to be sold at an MSRP of $2,195.

The Features Of The Springfield Armory Silent Operator

This particular .45 ACP has a Flat Dark Earth finish. It features a custom fit slide with front cocking serrations. Never before seen on a 1911 pistol from Springfield Armory, the Master Class Silent Operator has a threaded barrel and an extended barrel is available. The firearm features Springfield Armoryäó»s 2nd generation speed trigger, Master Class stainless steel barrel bushing, custom new suppressor height night sights, extended thumb safety, beavertail grip safety, precision 25 LPI checkering front strap and mainspring housing, Techwell Magwell with G-10 Grips to ease the feeding of magazines, unique Master Class markings, and 2 magazines.

The front strap has aggressive checkering and the top of the slide features tall tritium Trijicon night sights that help shooters shoot with the suppressor. The barrel is threaded .578 x 28 mm so you can attach any .45 ACP pistol suppressor that you want to.

The length of the Springfield Armory Master Class Silent Operator is 5.5 inches. The weaponäó»s capacity is 7+1.

What To Expect When You Buy The Springfield Armory Master Class Silent Operator

When you purchase this weapon, it arrives in a standard Sprinfield Armory pistol case. You will get the usual accouterments and two 7 round magazines.

When You Buy The Springfield Armory Master Class Silent Operator From Discount Enterprises

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