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Storage is an important, but often overlooked factor of gun ownership. Proper maintenance, care, and storage will make sure your firearm lasts as long as possible. When it comes to emergency situations like personal safety and home defense, you are much better off with a firearm that is in a secure, convenient location and in good working order. This will help you avoid potential failures, jams, malfunctions, and misfires. DEGuns offers a wide selection of safes and cabinets for your handguns, shotguns, rifles, ammunition, and tools.

Durable Gun Cases from DEGuns

Choose from a wide selection of sturdy and practical gun cases and bags available from DEGuns. The Bulldog CLT52 Colt Tactical Deluxe Mini Range Bag with Shoulder Strap is the right bag for a wide variety of shooters. It offers extra protection with a deluxe layer of padding. It has inner pockets for storing clips and ammunition, and a shoulder strap which can be adjusted for ideal comfort and carry. The lined outer pockets offer increased visibility for low light situations, like grabbing the bag in the middle of the night during a home defense emergency or on a cloudy night on your favorite hunting ground. This water-resistant durable nylon is made to withstand rough weather conditions.

For single pistols, try the PLANO Pistol Case is ideal for protecting your pistol during travel over bumpy roads. The inner walls have high-density foam pad the firearm to prevent movement. The case carries easily as a briefcase with a big, molded handle. It opens with a secure lockable latch for easy access.

The Outdoor Connection TAC Pistol Case is constructed out of heavy polyester material that has a PVC layer to repel moisture. There is enough room for multiple magazines in the magazine pouch. The extra thick polyurethane padding and heavy-duty construction of every part of the case virtually guaranteeing a long life of service.

The case offers:

䄏 A forever guarantee

䄏 Moisture repellant material

䄏 Secure interior material

䄏 Convenient access to magazines

䄏 Secure pistol

For tactical rifles, the Bulldog Cases Colt Logo Elite Double Tactical Rifle Case is a superb option. Put their slogan of äóìNothing Protects Your Gun Like a Bulldogäó to the test with your pistol, rifle or firearm of any shape and size.

This bag features:

䄏 Water-resistant exterior shell.

䄏 Extra thick paddings for maximum firearm protection.

䄏 Removable go-bag style outer pockets for 2 to 8 pistols.

䄏 Molded grabbable carry handles.

The Gun Soc Silicone Treated 52″ Shotgun/Rifle Sock is a cotton and polyester blend that provides a safe, soft protective barrier for your gun. This stretchable, durable, fabric is wide enough to cover almost any scope.

For a no-frills pistol case, try the US Peacekeepers Attache Black Pistol Case.


䄏 Heavy duty double zippers offer lockable closure

䄏 Single interior handgun pocket

䄏 Water-resistant polyester fabric

The Altus Brands BenchMaster Single Gun Pistol RAC is made for rapid access to a single pistol. The cushioned pistol case offers protection against rot, mold, mildew, and moisture.

It features:

䄏 Shock absorption

䄏 Lightweight, durable frame

䄏 Velcro backed mounting

䄏 American-made manufacturing

䄏 3.3-ounce weight

Secure Gun Safes from DEGuns

A secure gun safe can extend the life of your firearm by protecting it from water and heat damage from floods and fires. It can also help you prevent unwanted access to the guns stored in your home, gun range, or other appropriate location. Browse through DEGuns big selection of top quality gun safes to find safes of all shapes and sizes.

The Homak Steel Gun Cabinet offers secure storage for handguns, rifles, ammunition, parts, accessories and other high-value items. The locking mechanism is made with a quarter inch heavy-duty steel rod and full-length piano hinge. It includes a single shelf for pistol storage and a foam barrel rest kit to prevent scratching and damage to your rifles. Homak is an industry leader in firearm security goods. These cabinets mount easily to a wall with pre-drilled mounting holes for secure storage of up to 14 rifles or long guns. This pry-resistant cabinet will let you control who has access to your firearms.

The Homak First Watch Blue Ridge 36+8 Electronic Gun Safe offers protection against extreme temperatures and weather conditions for your firearms. This safe comes with a 5-year limited warranty, letting you be confident in your investment. This safe offers you rapid access to your firearms via an electronic keypad. Punch in the code, and you are ready to rock and roll.

Organize your gun safe with the Altus Brands BenchMaster 4 Pistol Gun Rack for Gun Safes. It is a great way to make the most out of extra space in your safe. Not only that, an organized gun safe is a safe and secure gun safe.

The SnapSafe Vault 2 Gun is good for smaller guns and other valuable items. It can be programmed to a 2 to 4 digit keypad code for controlled but quick access. The case is constructed out of 16-gauge steel features a protective inner lining to help shield the inner items from getting bumped and banged up.

Other accessories that can make gun access fast and reliable under any high-pressure circumstances include the Hornady Rapid Safe Key Bracelet which is available in multiple sizes. Another reliable option is the Hornady RAPiD “H” Key Chain Fob. As long as you know where your keys are at all times, you will be good to go.

Learn More About Storing and Securing Your Firearms

Whether you know exactly what your firearm storage needs are, or want the friendly professionals at DEGuns to help you figure that out, give us a call at 402-875-6500 or contact us online for more information. Whether you own a single gun or a wide selection of rifles, shotguns, and handguns, we are confident we can find a gun case or safe that suits your needs. The key to a long-lasting firearm is proper storage and we look forward to helping you ensure you are outfitted with what you need.