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AR-15 rifles are great and easy to use. They are used for a wide range of purposes, though hunting with them is considered to be the best use of the rifle. Some people use it for the purpose of shooting competition as well. The AR-15 rifles were originally manufactured for law enforcement purposes and for military use but with time it became so popular that people started using it for various other purposes. Several online retailers offer a wide variety of such guns from different makers like Bushmaster, Nemo, Daniel Defense, DPMS, Noveske, Smith & Wesson and SigSauer.

Placing an order in these retailing websites is easy and also receiving the product is hassle free. Once you receive it, you can use it to hunt a coyote or a vermin. Such rifles are relatively light-weighted and quieter than firearms. Moreover, they have little or no recoil and are less dangerous in terms of firing a stray bullet because they have limited range. A stray bullet could harm anyone leading to an untoward incident and that can be avoided by using an air rifle. As a matter of fact, the most powerful air rifle loses it punch after 150-200 yards. So, it is not deadly.
Having said that, we also know that air rifles vary in their caliber. While most of them are used for hunting smaller animals and birds, there are others of calibers .45 and .50 big bores which can be used to hunt deer, wild boars, and even coyotes. However, these weapons are on the expensive side of the price range. Power for a small air rifle is measured by the unit of FPE or foot-pounds-energy at the muzzle. This is an important consideration while buying an AR-15 on sale. The logic behind this is that the projectile will not hit the target with enough force to kill it; instead, it will injure the target.
An air gun must produce at least 12 FPE at the muzzle to be able to kill the target at a close range. Most air guns are manufactured to perform like this. This is the minimum requirement and many guns are manufactured to hit the target beyond 35 yards and throw with a force more than 12 FPE. A rifle with 30 FPE capacity will definitely go beyond 50 yards. However, a gun with lower capacity is always better because it has less risk involved.