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How To Buy a Rifle Online at

Buying a rifle online is an excellent way to get a tool for hunting, home defense, target practice and critter control. One of the most convenient ways to obtain a rifle is to buy it online. DEGuns is one of the largest suppliers of online firearms. Not only do we have a great selection of rifles from the best manufacturers in the world. Hereäó»s the best and easiest way to buy a firearm online.

Step 1: Select the Firearm of Your Choice from DeGunsäó» Website

This is a simple one-step process if you are buying the gun for yourself. However, if you are buying the gun as a gift, simply add the amount to a gift card plus a portion of money to cover shipping and handling. Then send the link to the lucky recipient. There are few gifts better than the home security, freshly hunted meat, and satisfaction of target practice that can come with giving someone a rifle.

Step 2: Add the Firearm You Want to Your Cart and Proceed to Checkout

This step applies if you are not buying the firearm as a gift. Simply enter your name, billing and shipping address and information as you would for any other purchase. You will also need to location your Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer.

You need the FFL in order to accept the firearm at pickup. This is how the dealer is authorized to pass the gun onto you. You can not purchase a firearm without going through an FFL dealer.

Step 3: Locate Your Local FFL Dealer

If you already know which FFL dealer you want to work through, you are all set. However, if not you can find one with help from our FFL dealer search tool. This will make it easy for you to pick up your rifle at a location that is convenient for you or the recipient of the rifle as a gift.

Step 4: Go Pick Up Your Brand New Firearm

This is the fun part. You get to meet your FFL dealer while saving money on your firearm. DEGuns offers rifles at incredible prices. Not only that, you can find all the parts, ammo and supplies you need for your firearm. After that you can take your rifle to the range of your choice for that first exciting practice fire.

Double Check All State and Local Laws Before Buying Your Firearm

Here at DEGuns, we take state and local firearm laws very seriously. The good news is this: if you are brand new to firearm laws of all kinds, we have a great deal of experience we can offer you. We love talking to new customers if you are unsure of what type of rifle you need. We can help you determine what materials you need if you want a rifle for hunting, shooting sports, keeping critters in check, or home defense. We can supply you with ammunition, scopes, straps, stocks, barrels, and anything else you need.