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Smith & Wessonäó»s M&P 45 handgun has been on the market for 10 years, which means itäó»s not a brand new gun and there are a lot of M&P 45s available for purchase. You can find Smith & Wesson M&P 45 handguns for sale at gun dealersäó» stores, gun shows, and online. The advantage of buying this particular handgun online is you have larger variety to pick from and a greater chance of finding the best possible price.

Do Your Homework

When it comes to buying firearms, äóÖDo Your Homeworkäó» will always be the very first step. If youäó»re going to be shooting a gun, then you need to know how to shoot it safely. Thatäó»s why we encourage visiting a gun range before you buy a firearm. You know you want a Smith & Wesson M&P 45 handgun, but youäó»ve never shot one before: Visit a gun range near you and practice shooting one! Determine if the gun is comfortable for you to shoot and suitable for your specific application.

Whatäó»s Your Gun For?

There are a few different Smith & Wesson M&P 45 handguns to pick fromäóîfor example: The selection you have to choose from includes the compact size, midsize, full size, and äóÖShieldäó». If your gun is for home and/or personal protection, then any of these guns could be suitable for your purpose. But, what you need to know is which gun is ideal for you.

If you want an M&P 45 for concealed carry, then the Shield or Compact is probably a better option for you than the full or mid size handguns. Therefore, before you buy, figure out how you want to use your gun and which style is best for your specific application.

Where To Find Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Handguns Online

When it comes to buying firearm on the Internet, there are a lot of options. Your first option is to go to Smith & Wessonäó»s website. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the companyäó»s line of M&P 45 handguns, like: caliber, magazine capacity, gun size and weight, MSRP, etc. You can find dealers near you who sell the M&P 45 handgun youäó»re looking at on Smith & Wessonäó»s website too.

Big Retail Stores and Online Gun Dealer Stores

Your second option to check out big retail stores and gun dealers online. If youäó»ve done your homeworkäóîletäó»s say you want an M&P 45 Shieldäóîthen your best bet is to conduct a quick Google search. You will find listings on websites of big retail stores, like Cabelaäó»s and Gander Mountain, in addition to a bunch of FFL gun dealersäó» websites. You can peruse these websites to see what M&P 45 handguns they have and find the best price for the gun you want.

Online Auction Sites and Marketplaces

As you know, the Internet is a big place. In addition to the manufactureräó»s website and retail stores, you can also find M&P 45 handguns for sale on gun auction websites and online marketplaces, like GunBroker and ArmsList. Technically, you arenäó»t buying firearms online when you use these sites, but you can find M&P 45 handguns that are available for purchase on websites like these.

The Basics of Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Handguns

Smith & Wesson released the first M&P 45 handguns in 2007. It was the full size .45 ACP and the gun had a 4.5-inch barrel. In 2008, Smith & Wesson introduced the M&P 45 Midsize, Compact, M&P9L, and the M&P Pro Series. The midsize has a 4-inch barrel and a full-sized grip. The compact is designed to serve as a concealed carry weapon with a 4-inch barrel and shorter grip with an 8-10 round capacity.

In 2016, Smith & Wesson released a .45 ACP variant äóÖShieldäó». In addition to the .45 ACP, the M&P is available in 9x19mm Parabellum, .357 SIG, and .40 S&W. Barrel lengths available include 5-inches, 4.5-inches, 4.1-inches, 4-inches, 3.5-inches, and 3.1-inches.


45 is a powerful caliber. You can have the perfect concealed carry weapon that has this powerful caliber when you buy a M&P 45 handgun. These firearms are slim but offer powerful protection. The guns are capable of handling as many rounds as you are.

When you buy a M&P 45, you get 3 interchangeable grip sizes, stainless steel drift adjustable sights, and 2 magazines. The capacity of the gun is 10 + 1 and it is striker fire action.

Find Great Prices For S&W M&P 45 Handguns

The Internet makes it easy for shoppers to determine what guns they want to buy and how they want to buy them. You can find out everything you need to know about Smith & Wesson M&P 45 handguns online. You can also find many websites that offer amazing prices for used and new M&P 45s. However, there is one website where you are guaranteed the absolute best prices for all firearms:

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