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The Internet is hands-down the best place to find the firearms you want for the best available prices. At any time of the day, you can scour the Internet and find an endless supply of firearms for sale online. Youäó»ll likely find varying prices for every firearm you come across on the Internet and you might wonder if youäó»re ever really getting the best deal. Thatäó»s why Discount Enterprises provides our customers with coupons for our firearms and firearm accessories. Additionally, our website features Price Matching for many of our products, so customers can be fully confident they are getting the absolute best prices possible.

The Process For Downloading Degunsäó» Promo Codes

Getting your hands on Degunsäó» coupon codes isnäó»t difficult. You do have to have an account on our website, which requires your name, address, and billing information. But, otherwise, the process is simple:

  1. Visit
  2. On the left side of the screen, click äóÖShop By Departmentäó»
  3. A drop-down menu will come down, click äóÖCoupon Codesäó»
  4. The site will bring you to a new page, click äóÖDownload Couponsäó»
  5. If youäó»re not already logged in to the site, then you will be prompted to do so at this step äóñ click äóÖlog inäó» if you are an existing customer or click äóÖsign upäó» to register as a new customer
  6. Once you are logged in, you can click äóÖDownload the Couponsäó» äóñ the coupons will be added to your online shopping cart on and a new document will open up with Microsoft Word
  7. The Microsoft Word document contains every updated coupon code currently available from Discount Enterprises

What To Do When You Have the Coupon Codes

After taking a look at Degunsäó» coupons, you may be swayed to buy certain products, because of the deals currently offered by our business. For example, if we are offering deals on optics or cost-savings for customers who spend a certain amount of money, then you may be persuaded to buy optics or spend a little more money, even if you didnäó»t plan on it before you started shopping.
The deal with our coupon codes is the codes are always changing and coming out of effect. For example, 1 week we might offer customers a $50 discount for customers who buy Sig Sauer Romeo5 Compacts and the following week we might only offer a $30 discount for the same gun. Furthermore, our discounts expire, so you have to act fast!
Once you add the item(s) you want to your online shopping cart, all you have to do to get the discount from a coupon code is enter the code in your shopping cart. You can also find additional deals from Degunsäó» on the äóÖDeals of the Dayäó» page on our website.

Our Price Match Feature

Deguns actively tries to maintain the best prices for the firearms and accessories our business supplies, but sometimes other gun dealers manage to offer their guns for lower prices than we do. Fortunately, Discount Enterprises offers Price Matching for many of our products.
How it Works
If you see a product page on with a Price Match button, then all you have to do is click the button. Next, you can enter the lower price you saw on another website and where you found the price. An admin for Deguns will approve or deny the price reduction and you will be notified.
If you donäó»t see a Price Match button for a particular product and youäó»ve seen lower prices on other websites, then email us at or call us at 402-875-6500. Weäó»ll see what we can do for you.

Find What Youäó»re Looking For and Save Money

You can find a wide selection of firearms and firearm accessories on Degunsäó» website. Our inventory is updated in real time, so if we have an item in stock, then youäó»ll know it. If we donäó»t have what youäó»re looking for in stock, then donäó»t hesitate to reach out to us.
Discount Enterprises is committed to delivering high quality firearms and firearm accessories to our customers. Our website is easily searchable, so our customers can quickly find the guns and accessories they are looking for. Most of our products are marked down and customers can view reduced prices compared to regular prices. Furthermore, our Price Match feature and additional discounts allows customers to be fully confident they are getting the best possible prices for firearms.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Buying Firearms Online

Everything is fine and dandy when you find exactly what youäó»re looking for and get the best price possible, but what if you donäó»t know anything about how to purchase a gun online? Well, fortunately, Discount Enterprises gives customers all of the information they need to successfully purchase firearms online. Check out our page äóÖHow to Buy a Gun Onlineäó». And if you have questions, then please give us a calläóîweäó»d be happy to help.

Local Customers: Take Advantage of Our Promo Codes

Discount Enterprisesäó» coupon codes cannot be used for in-store orders or firearms purchased over the phone. Therefore, weäó»d like to encourage all of our local customers to order online! You can take advantage of Degunsäó» coupon codes and Hot Deals when you order online. Then, simply choose in-store pick-up as your shipping option. Weäó»ll have your discounted firearm(s) and/or accessories waiting for you.

Contact Discount Enterprises

Obtaining our coupon codes and taking advantage of the codes is not very difficult; however, if you do have questions for us, then do not hesitate to give us a call or fill out our online contact form. You can reach us by calling us at 402-875-6500 and we will be happy to discuss any issues you have.