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Buying a used handgun, rifle, shotgun or any other firearm can be an incredible way to save money on a high-quality item. However, there is always a risk of getting burned when you buy something used. You might get a product that is near the end of its life. You might get something with worn out parts, or in bad, dirty condition. How can you get the benefits of buying used handguns without the drawbacks? Your best bet is to let DEGuns, the largest supplier of online firearms of all kinds, help you out. We offer a tremendous amount of experience in our industry that we can use to advise you in your search for the optimal firearm for your purposes.

Just punch äóìused handgunäó (or for any other type of firearm) into our search bar, and you will find exactly what you need. Feel free to contact our staff for additional guidance as well.

Buy Used Handguns for Home & Personal Defense Online from DEGuns

Handguns are useful for home and personal defense situations. They are also a popular choice for taking to the range and practicing. You can get a great option on all kinds. Let us point a few out to you.

䄏 The Kahr PM9 3″ micro pistol is small, light, and personal for concealed carry because it is designed to resist snags of all kinds.

䄏 This used Beretta Nano 9mm comes in the box, and is in excellent condition. It should perform well while being an economical choice.

䄏 Used HK P30 9mm Pistol. Simple, reliable, affordable.

Find Affordable used Shotguns With Assistance from DEGuns

Shotguns are an excellent choice for many purposes. Take them out hunting to get a little fresh game fowell or keep your eye sharp with a little target practice on clay pigeons. When you are under the stress of a home invasion situation, you probably will not have time to think and aim carefully. Thatäó»s where a low-precision, high-efficacy choice like the shotgun can really have your back. Take a look at a few solid used choices.

Used Early Model Huglu Over/Under 12 gauge 3″ Shotgun with 5 chokes

Pre-Owned Tri Star NKC MO 12ga 28″

Used Krieghoff K-80 Pro Sporting 12 Gauge O/U 30″ Shotgun

Learn More About Used Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles and More Options

If youäó»re curious about what type of firearm would be best for your intended purpose, you can get in touch with us. We have experts with decades of experience on our staff who love to talk to outdoorsy types about gear, and where to find a great deal. We have provided brand new and used firearms for a wide range of people all over the country. If youäó»re curious about maintenance, laws, or any topic regarding purchasing and owning firearms, we would be happy to lend our experience. Call us at 402-875-6500 or contact us online to see more firearm and outdoor adventure gear options.