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Used rifles are often an excellent investment because you get to save on the cost while still obtaining a functional and high-performing firearm. Rifles are practical choices for many different situations. Some rifles are excellent for a weekend on the hunting range, while some are going to become your favorite plinker. Some rifles work great in shooting competitions at the range, and others are effective for home defense situations. Beyond that, many rifles carry a certain vintage quality. If you are a historian or enthusiast for vintage models, this can be an appealing option to explore as well. Letäó»s take a look at selection of useful used rifles that many firearm owners and operators may benefit from adding to their collections.

Like New for the Price of Used: Used Un-Fired Cobalt Kinetics Eclipse Rifle

This used Un-Fired Cobalt Kinetics Eclipse Stage II with C.A.R.S., Pro Buffer, and Pro Muzzle Brake upgrades from factory is out-of-the-box new despite having been previously owned. This rifle comes with the hard case originally meant for it, three extra buffer springs, two additional cycle weights, and of course the magazine. The CARS design lest the user deactivate the magazine drop function via an easy-to-use switch. It is a robust performer in bad weather conditions like dust, mud and rain. It is designed to minimize and prevent jams, misfires and other malfunctions.

Classic, Reliable Firearms: Browning X-Bolt Hunter .270 Win 22″ Bolt Action Rifle

This is an excellent firearm for the price. This reliable Browning X-Bolt hunter is sought-after because it is durable, reliable and high-performing in a number of situations. It makes a fun and satisfying plinking gun. It makes a great choice for the shooting range if you want to practice your aim. This is a popular choice for people who collect guns as well.

Retro Style Meets Cutting Edge Performance: Ruger Coyote Brown Stock .22 LR Rifle

This Coyote Brown .22 Rifle is a popular choice for people who are looking for a simple way to sharpen their aim, or perhaps introduce someone who is new to firearms to using them. Some consider this rifle to be an effective choice for home defense situations as well, because it can serve as an obstacle or defense against an intruder but may not produce too much over penetration. However, do the research for yourself and determine if it has the specs and performance you need as part of reasonable precautions and preparations.

How to Learn More About Acquiring Used Rifles Online

Here are DEGuns, we love to talk shop. Thatäó»s why we offer an in-house staff who can answer questions ranging from gun condition to deals of the day to applications and legal concerns when you are purchasing a used rifle or any other type of firearm online. Let us know what you want to use your firearm for, or tell us if you already know exactly what you are looking for. Contact us online or call us at 402-875-6500 for more information.