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Some people are quick to claim AR-15s are unnecessary weapons for civilian ownership and use. Weäó»ve all heard the claims: äóìAR-15s are dangerousäó_ assault weaponsäó_ killing machines,äó etc. But, many people stand by their beliefs that AR-15s are not dangerous for normal, everyday people to own and operate.

Hereäó»s why Discount Enterprises loves AR-15s and if youäó»re familiar with the platform, then you might agree with us:

1. AR-15s are Americaäó»s Gun

The fully automatic version of the AR-15, the M-16, was introduced by the United States military during the Vietnam War. AR-15s are semi-automatic, which means you must squeeze the trigger for every bullet. In many ways, AR-15s symbolize America. AR-15s are the weapons that our military troops carry and the firearms are manufactured in the states.

2. AR-15s are Completely Customizable

AR-15s have been referred to as äóìmenäó»s Barbie dollsäó and äóìthe Mr. Potato Head of firearmsäó. The reason? AR-15s are 100% customizable.

You can make this weapon your own in every way and unlike every other AR-15 in existence. Whatever you want to put on your AR-15, you can: Flashlights, scopes, and night vision, etc. The parts can be interchanged tooäóîtake them off and put them on when you want them. You can also make your AR-15 different colors, like neon green, or add an interesting design like camouflage or zebra stripes.

All in all, the best part about AR-15s being fully customizable is that you can make your AR-15 the best firearm for you and your specific applications. You can make your AR-15 your gun so itäó»s comfortable to shoot and fulfills your shooting needs.

3. AR-15s are Multi-Purpose

Weäó»ve established AR-15s are the weapon of choice for the United States military, so why would everyday people want to own and use these types of weapons? Well, if you talk to any person who owns an AR-15, then chances are the person does not use the gun for military purposes. AR-15s are common firearms for self-defense, home defense, hunting, and recreational shooting, like target practice.

If you want to know why military-style rifles are popular, then you really have to look at the marketplace: Whatäó»s for sale out there and whoäó»s buying it? Hunting isnäó»t as popular as it used to be, which means rifles arenäó»t as appealing as they once were. Military-style rifles are customizable, multi-purpose, and appeal to a lot of people simply because AR-15s are used by the U.S. military. Owners of AR-15s can have 1 gun that is capable of performing well for many different shooting applications, instead of having multiple guns for every application.

4. AR-15s are Easy to Use

You can make your AR-15 whatever you want it to be, but what good would it be if you couldnäó»t shoot what you wanted to shoot? Itäó»s important to have a gun that you are comfortable shooting and you want it to be accurate too.

The 4th reason we love AR-15s is they are very easy to use.

Itäó»s simple to learn how an AR-15 works: Basically, all you have to do is load a magazine into the gun, pull the charging handle, flip the safety, and pull the trigger. Itäó»s easy to operate and if malfunctions occur, then the malfunctions are easy to clear. There are more than 30 companies that make AR-15s today, but once you learn how to shoot one you know how to operate them all.

Believe it or not, AR-15s are a great beginneräó»s gun. AR-15s are simple to operate and do not product a lot of kickback, which means people who are new to shooting can learn how to do it properly without difficulty using the AR-15 platform. Additionally, AR-15s are lightweight. Thatäó»s why the military uses them: The guns are easy to carry around! A 5 or 6-pound AR-15 is light enough to shoot up to 100 rounds of ammunition.

The control placement on AR-15s makes sense. Even if you have tiny hands, you wonäó»t have to take your hand off the gun to flip the safety or do anything else. AR-15s are a great firearm option for people with smaller frames and new shooters, in addition to every other kind of shooter.

5. AR-15s are Accurate

AR-15s are reliable, which is just another reason why the U.S. military uses them. When you shoot an AR-15, itäó»s going to fire a bullet where you want the bullet to goäóîitäó»s as easy as that. Whether youäó»re using your AR-15 while out hunting, youäó»re shooting at range, or youäó»re using your AR-15 for self or home defense, you can rely on this durable firearm to do what you need it to do.

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If you are an owner of an AR-15, then you probably agree that the gun is easy to use and accurate, and weäó»re sure you appreciate its multi-purpose nature and customizability. If youäó»re unfamiliar with the AR-15 platform, then visit your local gun range and try one out! See what the hype is about. When youäó»re ready to purchase an AR-15 of your own, check out Our store carries a selection of AR-15 rifles from the best American brands.

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