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Kimber America Micro 9 9mm Two-Tone Pistol: A DE Guns ReviewNewly released in early 2016, Kimberäó»s new Micro 9 9mm handgun is comparable to a number of other handguns; however, nothing exactly like it has been made before. The gun is extremely small in size, measuring 6.1 inches in length and 4.07 inches in height. Because of its small size, the Micro 9 is ideal for concealed carry, everyday carry, and home protection.

This gun is ideal for shooters who want a gun with mild recoil, but need a gun that has enough power for concealed carry or home protection. The Micro 9 is a good handgun option for shooters with small hands, because of its extremely small size. Large hands can get in the way of the operation of the gun or affect its accuracy.

Micro 9s are Comparable to 1911 Handguns

Micro 9 handguns are almost identical to the operations of 1911 handguns. They offer small-scale 1911 ergonomics and feature ambidextrous thumb safeties, slide releases, and magazine releases almost undistinguishable from 1911 style guns. Micro 9s feature single action triggers, flared and lowered ejection ports, and beveled magazine wells. These features guarantee accuracy and flawless ejection, in addition to ensuring fast and positive loading.

In addition to being comparable to 1911s, Micro 9s are also similar to .380 ACP handguns and Micro 280s. Micro 9s are slightly larger than .380 ACP handguns and are a better handgun option for self-defense purposes.

Basic Features of Standard Micro 9s

The Micro 9 9mm Two-Tone Pistol is constructed from aluminum and stainless steel. The frame of the gun is constructed from aluminum for strength and the slide is made from stainless steel, which provides resistance against moisture and salt. The slide on the two-tone Micro 9 is matte black. The 3.15-inch barrel is constructed from stainless steel and the trigger is made from solid aluminum.

The edges of the Micro 9 are rounded to prevent snags and the checkered grips on the gun help shooters gain and maintain control of the gun. The ammo capacity of Micro 9s is similar to other pocket semi-auto guns. Micro 9 handguns hold 1 to 6 rounds of 9mm bullets.

Micro 9s Are Not Typical Range Guns

When size, weight, and capacity is given away, many times there is left behind the question of whether or not a small, easy-to-conceal gun will be able to shoot well. This is because smaller guns usually have more felt recoil and less grip area. The Micro 9 compensates for this by featuring front and rear sights, which help shooters by improving target acquisition.

Buy Micro 9 9mm Two-Tone Pistols by Kimber From DE Guns Today

The Micro 9 by Kimber was anticipated for a long time and it doesnäó»t disappoint. Like any other gun, the Micro 9 has its advantages and disadvantages; however its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. Especially, if what you need is a small handgun for concealed carry.

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