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Leading AR-15 Parts & Kits For Sale OnlineThe AR-15 is one of the most beloved firearms in the American landscape. With so many interchangeable parts and accessories, it was practically made for a culture that prides itself on hands-on learning and ingenuity. As the top online dealer of all things related to firearms, DEGuns prides itself on offering the best selection of parts and kits available for sale online. Letäó»s take a look at some of the best and most popular options for parts and kits for the AR-15.

Doublestar Group OOPS! AR-15 Replacement Parts Kit: Everything You need for A

R-15 Breakdowns

How long should your AR-15 be out of commission? How about never? With this replacement part kit, you get a big collection of springs, pins and everything you need to keep your AR-15 in tip-top working order.

Aero Precision AR-15 Upper Parts Kit: Simple, Easy AR Maintenance

This upper partskit for AR-15 includes everything you need for the upper part of your AR-15 kit. This kit includes a forward assist assembly, forward assist spring,forward assist roll pin, ejection port cover door, ejection port, a cover rod with c-clip ejection port, and cover spring.

TGI AR-15 Complete Lower Receiver Parts Kit: Keep your Handle, Trigger and More in Good Working Order

Leading AR-15 Parts & Kits For Sale Online

This is the full selection of everything you need for the lower part of your AR-15. This extensive kit includes must-have items such as standard ar-15 pistol grip (black), pistol grip screw, pistol grip screw lock washer, standard trigger guard, semi disconnector, disconnector spring, semi selector, safety detent, safety spring, bolt catch, bolt catch buffer/plunger, bolt catch spring, bolt catch roll pin, magazine catch, magazine catch button, magazine catch spring, front pivot pin, takedown pin, pivot pin detent, pivot pin detent spring, takedown pin detent, takedown pin detent spring, hammer spring, trigger spring, hammer pin, trigger pin, and buffer retainer pin, buffer retainer spring.

Choose from a Selection of AR-15 Cleaning Kits
for Professional-Level Gun-Maintenance

ar-15 cleaning kit

Taking care of your AR-15 is one of the best ways you can extend its life, and ensure top-quality performance. Cleaning and maintaining your AR-15 is easy with this full maintenance Gunslick AR-15 cleaning kit.

Certain states require special accommodations. This California-compliant kit will help you comply with certain state regulations, but it is always important to look for updates and new requirements.

Learn More About Modifying and Customizing AR-15s with Expert Help

As a leading dealer of firearms, ammo, parts, accessories, scopes, and much more, DEGuns is prepared to help you find everything you need to customize and take care of your AR-15. Our in house firearms experts are dedicated to helping you find the best accessories and supplies for your AR-15 whether you are a first time shooter, or an old hand. To learn more about upper and lower AR-15 replacement parts as well as cleaning materials and more, simply give us a call at or contact us online, where you can browse through our latest deals, not to mention details on products, images and prices.