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Guns are hunter’s pride. A police official, a security service officer, rifle shooters and army men are trained to handle various types of guns. But apart from these people, there are few fire arms enthusiast who love to collect different models of guns as it is their hobby as well as passion. These folks possess a license for purchasing a gun. While purchasing a gun from a store or from an online dealer, there are few pointers that one must bear in mind. These are also checklists which will help them to evaluate the quality of the gun if it is a second had purchase. The most important features to be evaluated are:
There are replicas everywhere. Same is the case with guns too. Hence before purchasing a gun, make sure the make is original and the manufacturer is genuine. Always check for the brand logo or engraving in the internal parts as well. Note the model number and check if the model is still in vogue.
Like china make phones, even china make guns are popular. When you see an attractive message like AR 15 for sale, do not jump to buy masterpiece immediately, rather try to check the bore, chamber, pull the hand guards to check for rust in barrel, the bolt carrier, the trigger, firing pin etc. Each must be in its position with no loose nooses or crackling sounds. Used guns can have some rust in them but new guns should be devoid of rust or dust.
Strip the entire gun and re-assemble
Experienced gun man can assemble a disassembled gun within no time. Hence ask the gun store guy to strip the complete set up and re assemble everything. This will help you to check if all parts are intact and working condition. Again while assembling do it the right way or take expert help initially as in your ignorance you might cause any damage to the parts.
Test fire
Ask for a test fire before you buy a gun. Also get details on the round count, cleaning routine, malfunctions, jams etc before buying a secondary gun. While test firing, one can understand the operating efficiency of their gun as well. If you are ordering online ask for all specific details and after you are satisfied then only place the order.
These are some of the tests that you can perform and check to cross verify the product on display. At times the manufacturers or dealers are dealing with part guns where some portions are authentic and some are local market stuff. Hence when buying a new riffle or a gun, check for the brand, the make, the model number, customer reviews and then only pay the price. If your gun clears all these tests with flying colors, then you are good to start your negotiation to own the most splendid and sleek gun that you have been aspiring for days.