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If you are anything like us here at DEGuns, you love hunting. You love the early mornings and the red sunlight. You love the chill of the morning, and the crunch of frosted leaves under your boots. You love the patience, intelligence and technique it takes to master this ancient pursuit. You love the sweet juicy slice of venison or the simmering stew that comes after a successful trip. However, if you are not outfitted with the right gear, you can have a miserable trip. Your toes can get frostbite. You can have an accident, or misfire with your rifle. Your shelter might be inadequate. Your clothes might be too thin, or you didnäó»t have the right gear for the weather that weekend. Here at DEGuns, we believe that something as simple and ancient as hunting should be available to ordinary people. We also believe they should be able to engage in this sport safely by using the right tools and equipment for the job.

Thatäó»s why we offer a vast selection of gear for hunters and outdoors-people online at unbelievable prices.

Warm Clothes for Hunting in Cold Weather Available from DEGuns

Wearing proper clothing is a key part of having a safe, healthy and comfortable hunting trip. Browse through our large selection of hunting gear and look at photos and prices of different pieces of gear.

Browning Menäó»s Buck Pursuits Oxford Hunting Boots

This sturdy, comfortable oxford hunting boot is designed to help you get over the roots, rocks and hills of any hunting campground.

Huntworth Classic Hunting Glove

This classic hunting glove from DEGuns delivers you warmth and protection from the elements for your fingers while still leaving you with enough dexterity to perform the many skills hunting requires. The antimicrobial interior is lined with synthetic materials which do a fantastic job of resisting rainy and snowy weather. The fingertips are even touch screen enabled for smartphones, tablets and GPS tools. The sturdy layered palm provides you with grip as well. This gloves features a stretch-woven shell, a waterproof insert for maximum water protection, and scnet-controlling elements that wonäó»t alert your prey to your presence.

For a full range of movement and protection for your lower extremities, check out our Nomad Harvester camo hunting pants. The articulated knee pads will let you stay light on your feet, and the durable, heavy fabric will offer some protection against thorn thickets, poison ivy, and other dangerous things you donäó»t want to touch.

Nomad Harvester Full-Zip Camo Hunting Jacket

This comfortable hunting jacket will help keep you warm while letting you blend into your surroundings. Youäó»ll stand out to your other hunters, however, in this sharp looking yet practical jacket with soft fabric, furry collar, and textured exterior. This jacket pairs really well with our Nomad cap, which offers warmth and sun glare protection. For something a little cozier around the ears, try this Benelli hunting beanie. Itäó»s perfect for camo against snowy, wooded landscapes Take a look at this hooded jacket for extra warmth and protection.

Scent Sprays For Hunting Trips Available Online From DEGuns

Blending in means much more than just a simple camo layer. This deer-urine spray for hunters will help you bring home some impressive bucks if used properly. The aerosol spray can packs conveniently into your frame pack or other bag. Spray this into your scents, traps, or the bottom of your boots to mask your tracks and personal scent from animals. It can also add a level of realism to your decoys. This makes a bigger difference than many people realize.

However, these odors can become intense. To cope with long periods of exposure, it may be smart for you to invest in the Scent-away-silver spandex half mask. This fabric is woven with a special odor fighting silver fiber to keep away the scents.

Under Armour Socks for Cold Hunting Trips

Hunters, skiers, hikers and outdoor types often say you are only as warm as your feet when youäó»re outside. If your feet stay dry and toasty, that feeling will radiate upward and help you save energy. If your feet are cold and wet, youäó»ll be miserable the whole time. These high-cut wool Under Armour socks help wick moisture away from your feet to keep them warm and dry inside your boots. These are available to both men and women, but women may want to inspect the color and cut options of these Under Armour socks for hunting and camping. They pair really well with cold weather jogs or walking the dog as well.

We have been focusing a great deal on what you will wear, but it is also important to have a plan for when you catch your game. These field dressing gloves will help you be prepared to get the most out of your prey after you take it down. In fact, for any of your gear, you may just need a simple place to store it at any given moment. Sometimes the simplest solution is best. Try this hunteräó»s accessory hook. It screws into trees, and you can hang anything with a strap off of it. Two of them make a neat plat to set a dowel or bar for more hanging space.

Learn More About Hunting Gear From DEGuns

We are always updating our website with new specials, new deals, and new ways to help people who love hunting, the sport of shooting, and the outdoors in general. We have a team of friendly experts who would be happy to help you figure out what you need for your next trip, whether the weather is going to be cold or hot. We can help you find hats, gloves, jackets, firearms, ammunition, and a wide variety of hunting accessories of all kinds. We love to hear about what our customers plan to do with their weekend, and how we can help them have their best trip. To get in touch with us, you can call DEGuns at 402-875-6500 or contact us online.