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The only thing more fun than shooting and hunting is blowing things up. Now, thanks to a company called H2 Targets, you can both target shoot AND blow things up simultaneously with exploding targets!

Binary exploding targets from H2 Targets go boom and let off a big puff of white smoke when hit with a bullet traveling at least 2,200 feet per second. Aside from the sheer awesomeness of the explosion, these exploding targets are actually useful otherwise. For example, if you’re practicing long shots at several hundred yards, it can sometimes be difficult to register a hit.

With H2 Exploding Targets, you’ll never have to guess whether or not you hit the target because it will let you know immediately with a burst of smoky, explosive glory rivaled only by enlisting in the military or illegally cooking up your own explosives.

Speaking of, H2 exploding binary targets are legal in all 50 states. Simply mix the ingredients per the included instructions, set up your target(s), and have a blast literally. H2 Exploding Binary Target kits come in a variety of sizes, including: