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January 2017 brought some big news for Sig Sauer, a gun manufacturer in Exeter, New Hampshire: The companyäó»s P320 is being adopted by the United Stateäó»s army as its new handgun. Although the P320s, or XM-17s (the armyäó»s new name for them), acquired by the U.S. military in next 10 years will be unique in some ways, the P320 semi-automatic pistol by Sig Sauer is a desirable handgun to many people because it can be used for various shooting applications.

Hereäó»s everything you need to know about Sig Saueräó»s P320 handgun:

The Basics

The P320 handgun is comparable to other pistols, like the Glock 17 or Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. It is a polymer striker-fired pistol and its caliber, magazine, and frame size can be customized. The P320 is more modular than pistols that are similar to it and this is the biggest reason why the U.S. Army picked it to replace their current handgun, the Beretta M9. The P320 is capable of firing 9mm, .357 SIG, and .40 S&W ammunition. The same frame and grip can be used with different calibers, and the kits to change the caliber can be purchased directly from Sig Sauer.

The Frame

An internal stainless steel frame fire control unit inside the P320 contains the integrated fire control group (trigger, linkage, and springs), ambidextrous slide release, ejector, and 4 slide rails. The slide rails are removable. A fiberglass reinforced polymer grip frame module acts as the weaponäó»s lower frame.

The P320 is available in a concealed carry model, sub-carry model, and full size model. The firearm can be disassembled without tools. The starting price for the P320 is $599.

The Safety

The P320 has 0 manual safeties, which means the firearm is prepared for instant readiness.

The Trigger

This firearm has a pretensioned striker DAO trigger system with a pull weight of 28.95. The trigger is self-cocking, which is similar to Glocks and other modern pistols. The trigger reset is clean and crisp, and the trigger does not need to be pulled during takedown. The trigger system on the P320 is helpful in emergencies, because the trigger pull is consistent every round.

The Barrel

The barrel for the P320 is available with a 120 mm, 98mm, or 91 mm barrel, depending on the size of the gun you get.


Double stack magazines can hold 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The .357 and .40 can hold 14 rounds in the magazines. Depending on the size of the chamber, the magazine on a P320 can hold between 6 and 21 round of ammunition. The firearm comes with 2 magazines (same magazines used for the SIG P250). Prices for magazines are usually between $30 and $40.

The Armyäó»s New Gun

Sig Saueräó»s P320 is accurate, reliable, lightweight, and a superior option to any other modern pistol currently available to consumers. The Sig P320 is replacing the armyäó»s Beretta M9 and the Army signed a $589 million contract to bring in 280,000 full size P320s over the next 10 years.

The P320 features a Picatinny Rail that allows for the attachment of red dot sight, silencer, lights, and lasers. The fact that the gun can shoot 3 different calibers is an advantage to the army, especially if they decide to transition from using a 9mm caliber to something else. Additionally, P320s are capable of having high capacity magazines, which is an advantage for the U.S. military.

Learn More About P320

You can learn more about Sig Saueräó»s P320 on Sig Saueräó»s website and Find local gun dealers near you on Sig Saueräó»s website or take advantage of Discount Enterprisesäó» Hot Deals and current promotions.

Where to Buy P320s

On, you can find a wide selection of Sig Saueräó»s P320s and other Sig Sauer firearms. We encourage you to take a look at our current selection and reach out to us with any questions, especially if you donäó»t find what youäó»re looking for. Our website features a lot of information in regards to how you can buy firearms onlineäóîfor example: The first thing you need to do is determine why you want a gun, how do you want to use it? Then you can determine which firearm is best for you.

When you know what kind of gun you want, we recommend conducting a basic Google search. Look at the manufactureräó»s website to acquire basic information, like MSRP, and then look at online marketplaces, auction sites, and online gun dealersäó» websites to find the best prices. If youäó»re not sure how to find the best prices online, then check out to read our guides for how to find the best gun prices on the Internet.

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Sig Saueräó»s P320 is a highly desirable gun because it is modular, accurate, and relatively inexpensive. The gun is great for self-defense, home defense, combat, target practice, and concealed carry. If you have any questions about this gun, then do not hesitate to reach out to our team at Discount Enterprises. Call us today 402-875-6500 at or fill out our online contact form.