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If youäó»re searching for the ideal concealed carry weapon, then Sig Saueräó»s P290 handgun may just be the right gun for you. This weapon has all of the attributes typically sought out for in concealed carry weapons: itäó»s thin, light, and small; itäó»s reliable and simple to use; and it has a manageable recoil, which means youäó»ll actually shoot it.

Before you buy a Sig Sauer P290 handgun, you should answer a few questions about the gun, such as:

1. How big is it?

2. What is its caliber?

3. What is the trigger like?

4. Is the barrel threaded?

5. How much does it cost?

Itäó»s in your best interest to buy a gun that is suitable to your intended purpose; therefore, these questions are important to answer before you buyäóîso you can determine if this is the right gun for you. Letäó»s find out the answers to these FAQs:

1. How big is the Sig Sauer P290?

When youäó»re looking for a weapon that is ideal for concealed carry, you must consider the size of the gun. Sig Saueräó»s P290 is ideal for conceal carry, because it is thin, light, and small, and equates to carrying the firearm comfortably; however, in addition to the size of the firearm, you should consider how you normally dress to determine how easy the weapon will be to conceal with your normal, everyday wardrobe.

The P290 is a very small firearm. It is a sub-compact, which means it is smaller than the compact version of a full size firearm: it is 5.5-inches long, 3.9-inches tall, and less than 1-inch wide. The size of the firearm impacts how users hold the gun and how many rounds the gun can hold. The P290 can carry 6 rounds at a time and most users can cover the entire gun with 1 hand. Also, pinkies typically hang off when users hold it. The Sig Sauer P290 weighs approximately 20 ounces with the magazine inserted.

2. What is the Caliber of the P290?

You want to know the caliber of the gun so you can determine the intensity of the recoil. Ultimately, you want to buy a gun that produces recoil that you can handle. Otherwise, youäó»re not going to enjoy shooting the gun and you wonäó»t practice as much as you should.

Sig Sauer P290 has a 9mm luger caliber. This means the internal diameter of the gunäó»s barrel is approximately 9mm and the firearm fires 9mm projectiles.

This caliber is typically easy to handle and it allows the firearm to shoot accurately. It is better to choose a 9mm pistol that you know you can shoot accurately, rather than choosing a .40 S&W or .45 ACP that is tougher for you to shoot.

3. What is the Trigger like on the P290?

Beyond the size and äóìstrengthäó of the gun, you want to know what the trigger of the firearm is like before you buy it. For a concealed carry weapon, you want to get a good trigger, because you donäó»t want it to be too heavy nor too light. Also, you want the trigger to feel right for you. Like, can you operate the trigger without getting cramps in your fingers?

The trigger on the Sig Sauer P290 is DAO, which means: double action only. Once a round is chambered, a pull of the trigger cocks the hammer, striker, or firing pin, and releases the same to fire a cartridge all in 1 motion.

Sig Sauer P290 has a DAO trigger with a 9-pound pull. Rack the slide and pre-cock or partially cock the hammer, and the hammer will remain in this position until the trigger is fully depressed. Firing the P290 requires a long trigger pull to fully cock the hammer from a half-cocked position. There is not a de-cocker or an external safety on the P290. Partial tensioning on the weapon lightens the trigger pull.

For a concealed carry weapon, you want to find a good fit. Therefore, before you buy a P290, or any other sub-compact pistol, determine if your finger can comfortably reach the trigger without distorting your proper grip. This gun may be used in life-or-death situations, so you must insist on reliability for every feature.

4. Does the P290 Have a Threaded Barrel?

The P290 does not have a threaded barrel. If you want to put a suppressor on your concealed carry weapon, then you need a threaded barrel; however, in the interest of concealability, a suppressor is usually not desired.

5. How Much Does the P290 Cost?

The starting price for the Sig Sauer P290 handgun is $492.

Additional Information About the Sig Sauer P290

When youäó»re shopping for the ideal concealed carry weapon, you want to acquire a gun that is small enough to conceal, reliable and easy enough to use, and accurate to shoot. You can find all of these attributes in a Sig Sauer P290.

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