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What do you think are the best attributes in a weapon designed for competition shooting? We think accuracy, reliability, and barely-there recoil hold top priority. Thatäó»s why we recommend Sig Saueräó»s P320 X5 Pistol. This weapon is amazing and nothing like anything youäó»ve ever seen. Seriously, it doesnäó»t look like other 320 pistols.

Sig Saueräó»s P320 X5 Pistol incorporates all of the important features necessary to maximize accuracy, shootability, and ergonomics, and it still manages to maintain the modularity of the standard P320 platform. Letäó»s review some of the best features of the Sig Sauer P320 X5 Pistol.

The Grip

The grip on the X-Series of Sig Sauer pistols is exclusive to this line of weapons. The grip features a deeper than normal trigger guard undercut, a higher than normal back strap, and an extended beavertail, which ensures a higher grip for better recoil management.

The P320 X5 Pistol by Sig Sauer comes standard with a removable grip weight, which improves the balance of the weapon, and the magazine funnel is removable as well. An extended slide catch lever on the P320 X5 Pistol allows shooters to reload the gun extremely quickly.

The Trigger

This weapon has a straight trigger, which offers unique benefits that curved triggers are unable to provide. Like all X-Series P320s, the X5 Pistol has a straight trigger that breaks at 90-degrees. This trigger offers shooters an amazing feeling pull and doesnäó»t pull to the left or right like some curved triggers on pistols often do.

The Barrel

The P320 X5 Pistol features a 5-inch bull barrel. In addition to the lighted slide, the barrel on this weapon makes for perfect match-grade accuracy. The weapon comes standardly equipped with Dawson Precision Fiber Optic front and fully adjustable rear sights. The rear sight plate is completely removable and can be replaced with a Romeo1 optic. This means every P320 X5 Pistol is optics-ready straight out of the box. Sig Saueräó»s P320 X5 Pistol comes with 4 21-round magazines too so you donäó»t have to worry about spending extra money buying additional magazines.

Unique 5 Point Safety System

1 feature of Sig Saueräó»s P320 X5 Pistol that is truly unique is the 5 Point Safety System. This system is unique to P320 striker fire systems and includes the following:

Œ‡ Striker safety

Œ‡ Disconnected safety

Œ‡ 3 Point take down safety system

Œ‡ Takedown is prohibited without the removal of the magazine.

Œ‡ System prohibits takedown of the handgun without the slide being locked to the rear.

Œ‡ Rotation of the takedown lever allows disassembly without tools or trigger manipulation.

The Flagship Of P320 Guns

This firearm is one of a kind in design and operation. It doesnäó»t look like any other 320 trust us. We like this weapon as a competition pistol because of itäó»s 4 21 round magazines, detachable extended Magwell, and grip module weight. The detachable extended Magwell helps shooters reload rounds faster and the grip module weight gives shooters more balance, which results in less felt recoil. The grip module on the weapon features a higher beaver tail cut and lower trigger pull cut. This allows shooters to keep their hands closer to the weapon and results in less recoil felt.

The 5 inch bull barrel adds weight to the front of the weapon. The slide serrations on the P320 X5 Pistol are turned vertical to match the serrations on the grip of the weapon. Sig Sauer made it easy to get the slide forward on this weapon by adding lightening cuts at the top of the slide. The design looks neat and actually has a function (removing extra weight). Also you can see the barrel through the lightening cuts, which looks pretty cool.

A lot of people are huge fans of the sights included on the P320 X5 Pistols. The Dawson front and rear sights are a proven name in competition shooting. Sig Sauer incorporated the rear sights into a rear plate too. Being able to remove the rear sight makes it easy for shooters to use this weapon as a carry pistol and iron sight pistol.

This weapon is the ultimate pistol RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.

Here are the basic features:

Œ‡ Caliber: 9 mm Lager

Œ‡ Frame Material: Polymer

Œ‡ Slide Finish: Nitron

Œ‡ Slide Material: Stainless Steel

Œ‡ Barrel Material: Carbon Steel

Œ‡ Accessory Rail: M1913

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