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The 1911 handgun is an effective single-action, semi-automatic, recoil-operated pistol that was used by the armed forces for much of the twentieth century. The 1911 was introduced to the public by Springfield Armory in 1985, and since then the 1911 handgun has gained popularity with licensed American gun owners, law enforcement teams, and international, elite military units.

With superb features, well-made designs, and proven performance, 1911 handguns by Springfield Armory are well worth checking out today. Every gun enthusiast should own Springfield Armory 1911 handguns. The 1911 is one of the most revered, time-honored semi-automatic handguns ever designed and Springfield Armory is the industrial standard for good reason.

1. Springfield Armory PB9151L 1911 Mil-Spec .45 ACP Stainless Steel 5″

Built on a full-size frame and slide, the Stainless-Steel Mil-Spec,is a finely crafted pistol with a polished finish on its flat surfaces and bead-blasted matte finish on its rounded parts. Its 5-inch barrel is manufactured out of stainless steel entirely and match grade. What makes the Stainless-Steel Mil-Spec such a collectoräó»s item is that the mainspring housing is actually the original arched style from the G.I. issued 1911-A1s.It also utilizes the same single-sided, non-extended thumb safety and short military combat trigger founded in the original 1911-A1 version as well.

To make it more up-to-date though, this pistol includes the Springfield Armory innovative I.L.S.䋢. In addition to these note-worthy features, the Stainless-Steel Mil-Spec also comes with:

  • A standard spur hammer & standard grip safety
  • Fixed combat 3-Dot sights
  • A lowered and flared ejection port
  • A beautiful pair of cross-cannon emblazoned walnut grips
  • Two 7-round stainless-steel magazines

2. Springfield 1911 TRP Operator Semi Auto Pistol 45 ACP 5″ Barrel 7 Rounds G10 Grips Armory Kote Black PC9105L

The Springfield 1911 TRP Operator is a serious, strong, powerful firearm specifically created to be able to handle the worst of conditions. It was originally designed to hold up in the most serious of situations. This tactical, time-tested, proven pistol comes with many great features, including:

  • A stainless-steel bull barrel
  • Fully adjustable 3-dot tritium night sights
  • APicatinny accessory rail for mounting popular light or laser aiming devices
  • A forged carbon steel frame and slide to resist corrosion and scratches

Every gun enthusiast looking to include a tactically-proven pistol in their collection should own the Springfield 1911 TRP Operator.

3. Springfield Armory 1911 Champion Operator Lightweight .45 ACP Handgun

The Champion䋢 OperatorŒ¬by Springfield Armory is an innovative 1911 in the field of firearms. This handgun was the first 1911 pistol to feature a framethat included an accessory rail as part of the forging.Springfield Armory was the first manufacturer to ever do this, making this handgun such a collectoräó»s item for licensed gun owners. With a shorter slide and 4-inch barrel, this firearm is ideal for concealed carryingor operation when a light is necessary. It doesnäó»t sacrifice on performance or capacity either, this firearm comes packed with many remarkable features, such as:

  • The beavertail grip safety
  • A flat mainspring housing
  • The Lightweight Delta䋢 hammer
  • Extended ambidextrous thumb safeties
  • An extended trigger with an ergonomic design
  • 3-Dot tritium combat sights making it capable of handling all conditions and situations
  • A reliable lowered and flared ejection port
  • A trusted fully supported ramped match grade barrel
  • A proprietary dual-captive recoil system
  • AnArmory Kote䋢 to support long-lasting use and minimize wear over time

Simply put, the Champion䋢 OperatorŒ¬ is äóìguaranteed to perform when you need it most.äóAll night and all day, the Champion䋢 OperatorŒ¬ is a trusted firearm for many gun enthusiasts.

4. Springfield Armory 1911 Marine Corps Operator Loaded .45 ACP Handgun VZ Grips

The Marine Corps Operator Loaded 1911 is a collectoräó»s firearm that not only has its roots in historybut is also very practical for many uses today.It was designed originally for U.S. soldiers in World War II according to Uncle Sam’s original spec sheet. The Marine Corps Operator Loaded 1911’s being sold today come with many new modern technological updates that make it excellent for target shooting, home defense, and self-defense.

The current Marine Corps Operator Loaded 1911 has been upgraded in terms of handling and performance, with many features such as:

  • An extended ambidextrous thumb safety
  • An ergonomic beavertail grip safety
  • A lightweight delta hammer
  • An extended trigger
  • A 2-piece N.M. full-length guide rod recoil system
  • Low profile combat 3-dot tritium sights
  • A 5-inch stainless steel match grade barrel
  • A forge steel frame with integral accessory rail
  • A durable olive drab armory kote finish

5. Springfield 1911 Master Class Silent Operator 45ACP Flat Dark Earth (FDE) with Threaded Barrel PCE9105

The 1911 Master Class Silent Operator in Flat Dark Earthis a first of its kind from Springfield Armory. This innovative firearm has caught the attention of many gun collectors in recent years for good reason. This new type of 1911 is truly remarkable in all aspects from its Master Class Threaded & Extended Barrel to its Springfield ArmoryŒ¬ 2nd Generation Speed Trigger. The 1911 Master Class Silent Operator in Flat Dark Earth is a feature-loaded firearm. Gun enthusiasts can certainly appreciate many highlights of this handgun, including:

  • A custom fit slide with front cocking serrations
  • A national match frame with light rail
  • Springfield Custom䋢 tool steel components with a 4.5 lb. action job
  • Springfield Custom䋢 new suppressor height night sights
  • An extended thumb safety
  • Springfield Armory beavertail grip safety
  • The precision 25LPI checkering front strap & mainspring housing
  • TechwellMagwell with G-10 grips
  • Unique master class markings

6. Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer Operator 9mm 5″ Pistol

One final product worth highlighting on the DE Guns website is Springfield Armoryäó»sRange Officer Operator. This formidable self-defense handgun comes with all the add-ons and latest technological innovations gun enthusiasts look for when adding to their gun collections. The Range Officer Operator comes with:

  • A fully supported ramp
  • Picatinny rail system supportive of customized add-on products
  • A sharp, strong parkerized finish
  • Fiber optic front sights with alow profile combat rear
  • A 5″ stainless steel match grade barrel
  • A cross cannon double diamond cocobolo grip
  • 2-9 round stainless-steel magazines

With a beautiful, innovative frame, the Range Officer Operator is both eye-appealing and very functional for licensed gun ownersäó» numerous uses.

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