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“Multiple uses. Zero compromises” described by Smith and Wesson
We would definitely agree, the Retail Price on this new AR10 platform is $1619 currently has them featured on the deal of the day page at $1149!
At this price wow what can compare?
The M&P10äó»s fire controls are fully ambidextrous. The bolt release, selector lever, and mag release can all be used easily by right or left handed shooters. It has a flattop upper receiver and a railed gas block, that can be used to mount your optics and backup sights. It has a mid length gas system and a 18äó 1/10 barrel. We found one source that was able to shoot a .6äó group at 100 yards with Winchester 168-grain .308 HPBT. This is also one of the lightest AR 10 Platforms out there weighing in at 7.71 lbs.
OK now lets take it to the extreme lets say you installed a low profile adjustable gas block and a free float rail system and up graded the trigger to a Geissele or a Timney and your stock to Magpul and put some good optics on it. Just imagine what it could do?